Proposed Welton Residents Association

I arranged a meeting on November 15th at 7.00pm in the Village Hall-this has been publicised in The Welton News. I do not wish to alienate anyone, but we need a common voice in the village to represent the best interests of all the villagers, to protect the elderly against vandalism, to reduce litter, and reduce dog poo.

We all need to pull together, and contact the real authorities directly via this Residents Association...

Please attend and give your support! Please contact me if you can leaflet your road!!

Contact S R Sanford 01673 860054


I have always been amazed that Welton has no Residents Association, and would like to form one.

Most residents are not prepared to take on petty bureaucracy, impotence and inaction: they retreat into their coccoons and
turn on the TV: some are frightened of the yobs, some frightened of repercussions from the Parish Council.

get out, get assertive, make the changes happen!

Its aims would be to bypass the impotent Welton Parish Council and approach LDC, Highways, The Police, Fire authorities , WLDC etc etc direct, and to have Welton Parish Council taken into "special measures!"

I suspect WPCs motto is-

hear no evil, speak no evil, do no evil,

do nothing for which you could be critisised or censored

do nothing...

David Phillips is considering several ideas: his new house in Church Lane borders the sports field and he has been troubled by the drinkers and yobs.

He considers one posibility might be to commence a collective action from affected houseowners with a writ against the PC for failing to act on

lack of dog bins

lack of litter bins

lack of action against noisy, loutish antisocial behaviour, litter-dropping, drunken vandalism to property,

but as West Lindsey District Council own a strip of the Sports field parallel to Ryland Road, both would pass the buck in defence.

For the moment he has joined the Parish Council.

My aim is to fight for improved facilities at present not provided for Welton by Highways, LCC, WLDC, etc


Would any affected residents whose property borders onto the neglected, never maintained pathways around the Sports & Social Club playing field, owned by the Village Hall and managed by WPC please contact me.


Steve Sanford

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