Welton News Parish Council article by Pamela Van Gelderen January 2006


Pamela Van Gelderen wrote for the Parish Council in Jan Welton News, including several lies and untruths about me. I suggested that if we ever have enough police, rather than high-profile fluorescent jackets and fluorescent police cars, which the yobs can see coming miles away, police might try plain clothes, bikes.

The police cannot prosecute without evidence: Paul Strong, along with most people in the village, know the identities of the dozen or so most nasty kids in the Welton 7-but need proof to prosecute.

Ideally video low light cameras, or next best, still pictures of them IN THE ACT are required. The Police encourage us to be vigilant and provide hard evidence. You might try a citizens arrest if you have your body armour, anti-knifing/anti-shooting anti-needle kevlar jacket on...

Police riders on bikes with video camera helmets have been tried...

Burton Waters have a private security car

One Parish Council has funded an extra police car and crew-but ours are too busy spending like water trying to unload Manor Park...


I do not advocate "shining a strong torch in yobs eyes"
Any pictures of evidential quality should be sent to the police before appearing, after prosecution, on "Police, camera, action"

We have one police officer and one trainee cso, covering 21 villages, preobably less after the Home Secretary has forced mergers on us, resulting in even less police for villages.



I am definitely on the right track with my Welton Residents Association because the Welton News and Parish Council are so against the idea
http://www.weltonresidentsassociation.co.uk -join now!!!

[Incidentally, Parish Councillors are not always legally elected-many are "co-opted"-ie the existing councillors choose someone they like, or dislike least... When I applied to join the PC, Pamela Van Gelderen said "we don't want anybody who wants to get things done...!!!"

Ian Turvey has not been legally elected as Chairman by Welton villagers, but by default by councillors!]