Simon Heffer Telegraph Feb 21

There is a pile of trouble building up for the government on this. A well-organised and increasingly militant campaign by local taxpayers threatens a boycott of the council tax unless the government shows some sign of bringing soaring costs under control.
For the moment it is doubtful such prudence will be brought to bear. The only way to make serious inroads into council spending is to sack people. There are plenty of unproductive employees whom councils could fire, but that would mean Labour axing its own voters. And, of course, to make a political point, some councils would retain idle staff, and instead sack people who look after old ladies in care homes, or who teach children how to read and write.

The ignorance of this smug complacent belief is breathtaking…. The main concerns are far more compelling than these. They are, first and foremost, the failure of our public services; the failure of law and order; and the failure to give value for the huge amounts of money taken from the pockets of the British people-and especially the English people-by the state. [We all pay c 50% of our income in taxes]

Cllr Brenden Murphy Telegraph Feb 21

In pursuit of “efficiency” the council has set up a £1 million management team of a chief executive, two assistant chief executives, and six corporate managers. Bear in mind, as a little district council, all we do essentially, is empty dustbins, give planning permissions, run some leisure facilities and try to maintain a clean and safe environment.

Edward Huxley Telegraph Feb 21

Council tax is paid by only 30% of the population, so little wonder that the majority do not complain about the massive increases since Labour came to power.

[How about over 65s pay 50%, over 70s pay 25%]

House prices have increased by 300% in the last ten years-probably because of low interest rates and unwise lending up to for times joint incomes…





Margaret Thatcher and The Adam Smith Institute adopted the idea that low taxes lead to high investment, and could be achieved by cutting expenditure on the services they thought could be pruned without voters noticing.
In itself, this was a brilliant idea, which lead to recovery of our economy. Inherent in this policy, efficient financial management and strong listening leadership are required. She went too far without listening, and was ousted.
Unfortunately, Lincolnshire appears to lack these requirements: and politicians [ulot] seem unwilling to raise taxes to provide nursing and social care for the elderly without selling their houses, NHS care-such as doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives-police, ambulance and hospitals, education without huge loans.
We, the voters [uslot] notice ever increasing stealth taxes, but Welton appears to lack strong leadership and pride in the village. Roadsigns and street signs go unrenovated, adequate litter bins not provided, never emptied. We should not rely on old soldiers to clear litter.
Most dog owners are very meticulous in clearing their effluent, but most dog bins are vandalised, few and far between. Ulot threaten £1000 fines, but ulot refuse to fight for more dogbins.
Rationing services-including all the above-may save a little tax. Most people want efficient financial management, and are prepared to pay more income tax, [not stealth taxes like inheritance or stamp duty etc.] in return for basic amenities such as a working anti-vandal campaign, an anti litter campaign, more village police, better NHS gp services, dental services, nursing and midwifery, ambulance and elderly care.
Why do the Parish Council think that by ignoring a problem/campaigner, that these problems will go away???

Since I moved to Welton I was hugely impressed by the openness, friendliness and quiet hard work of the villagers-people who work hard and long to make up for the shortfalls in our lives.
Our NHS workers provide wonderful health care despite the DHSS, and try to limit the rationing imposed by politicians [ulot]
Our police do a wonderful job, despite inequality between cities and villages, with thinly spread low resources.
General facility workers, such as the COOP staff, Post Office Staff, village businesses such as the Paper Shop try hard to overcome low profit margins from suppliers. Our postmen and women cheerfully deliver our mail, our dustbin men cheerfully work hard removing our rubbish.

Our teachers at St Mary's School, at William Farr, do sterling work with much harrasment from the government, little support, with sometimes unwilling pupils! [Quote "But that's what they're there for..." PC]
Our farmers continue to produce food despite the supermarket and governments best efforts
A moment, then, to thank all of ourselves [uslot] for overcoming the limits imposed by [ulot]
Lincolnshire CC, WLCC, the local Parish Council should all in their own way, be fighting to better our lives, rather than sniping, ignoring, and lying cowed and beaten…
Steve Sanford


BMC Motors in the 60’s was dogged by demarcation disputes over “who twanged the chalked string”
Nowadays, modern local government by politicians seems dogged by “its not within our remit”,
“your comments have been passed to the appropriate department”
“we cannot make any representations to Highways”
“the junction is above a country mile away” etc

We should all be fighting our village’s corner for a fair share of the limited funding from Lincolnshire CC, WLDC, Highways etc etc and not making excuses, nor ignoring the problem, hoping it will go away.

Plainly, we need less mindless vandalism, repair of vandalised fencing, electric supply boxes on the S&SC field, more police, more litter bins and more dog bins, fewer pedestrian refuges, more parking and a pedestrian crossing.

Only a politician would argue against this.

[The A46 to Grimsby-to-Leicester has 5’ wide obstructions [aka refuges] with often unilluminated 12” wide bollards-making an open road far more dangerous, when it is perfectly appropriate to drive appropriately in appropriate conditions!]

Steve Sanford for uslot


Proposed traffic calming measures
email webmaster with your views

Does a small village centre really need traffic "calming"?
Most drivers see the hazzards around the Green and Coop and drive carefully, safely and appropriately
Jack-the-lads will still see this as an added challenge
A roundabout one way system, with irregular sharp bends, will introduce far more hazzards and accidents, especially if anti clockwise!
Traffic calming leads to a noise increase, more acceleration and braking, more accidents due to chicanes, ramps, jutting out islands
It seems like pure spending for the sake of spending
It will reduce trade for our local facilities
I would like to meet the planner who proposed the anticlockwise triangle! I'll have a white van, padded cell and a strait jacket waiting!



I totally agree with a cross and no parking on the right handside, as
someone who always walk or bikes round the village, it's a nightmare
trying to cross especially round schooltimes. In my schooldays us kids
had legs and walked to school even it was a mile to get there.
Angie Thornton


I lived in a town for 39 years, not once did I have an incident crossing a road.
I have lived in Welton for 2 years and in that time I have nearly been hit, run over and verbally abused 4 times by car drivers
while crossing the road near the co-op !!
Traffic should be banned in Welton, not just calmed. And I drive a car...........

Karl Winfield-Kay
(: (01472) 324154 [Fax] 324155
+ The Printing Section, North East Lincolnshire Council, Municipal Offices, Grimsby, DN31 1HU

The Sports and Social Club playing field

Could you please put all drinks cans in the bins-when the mower slices them, the razor sharp edges cut dogs paws, which need a
general anaesthetic and stapling, at £100 a go! One resident's dog required three in four months!

Litter bins

Could the Parish Council provide several more unvandalised dog bins on the field, and throughout Welton, and three more
rustic green litter bins around the Social Club.


Please do not allow your children to foul the dog's playing area.