Welton, "I remember" is the brilliant meticulous publication written and compiled by Aderyn Walker, Pamela Maddison and Marlene Chapman and published by Welton Parish Council Publication Committee 1996.


It chronicles the early history of the "Ton" or enclosure at the Wells


through the early eighteenth and nineteenth century to 1995.


The outstanding feeling throughout this book is that the village was then truly a small village of less than 700 people, without radio or television, without even sewerage systems until 1970, and certainly not tainted by televiosion, newspapers and computers. There was no VHS/Betamax recorders, no cassette tapes, no DVDs, and the few villagers looked up to the few oligarcs such as the local vicar, doctor and Parish Councillor... There seemed to be a much greater village cohesion, and apparantly no litter [fewer wrapped sweets and snacks, no fast food]or vandalism.

Is "progress" really such an advantage?

Our polpulation is growing so rapidly, our 50% tax and polltax apparantly unable to supply the services we require. Expenditure must be closely trimmed to the income from taxes: if some services are not attainable, let us be told...

Lincoln will always have enough police: a rural village will never have enough local police. We have to accept this.

I have asked for permission to use extracts from this brilliant publication. Dec 10th 2005