The Welton News


The Welton News is a brilliant little village magazine. I have been surprised at the breadth of coverage and general good reception of this magazine ever since I came to Welton. I have never seen a small village produce such a compact, readable, well-supported locally produced publication. I warmly congratulate Roy Minnit, its founder, and Hugh Gildiffer, its acting Editor, for their hard work and commitment.

It is produced funded by advertising mainly from the village, printed by , the only real problem being A5 [also an advantage!] and lacking photographs-which would require gloss page inserts and would raise production costs unrealistically.


Contributors submit reports and articles, volunteers gather news and data, volunteers distribute the magazine to every home in Welton and Hackthorn, and the articles cover many aspects of life in Welton.


Recently we have had long articles from Peter Harrold on bike rides, artcles from Peter Harrold on his new businerss venture, pensions.


We have had long articles on the brilliant hard work of the Parish Council who work tirelessly producing inbred reports and committees, which look hard at the reports and committees


Many people have the slight criticism that the villagers views are sidelined, and that the magazine has become the official voicebox of the Parish Council-Hugh shares accomodation offices witrh the Parish Council, and many even refer to it as "The Parish Council Magazine".


Many of the reports of the wonderful work done by the Parish Council are written and vetted by Pamela Van Gelderen, the Chairman of Welton Parish Council.
The notes are specifically "not accurate contemporaneous recorded minutes" of all Parish Council agendas, which I am sure are decided beforehand in private unminuted meetings


We never have a true factual unbiased precis of Manor Park matters, for instance.

Do football teams want to play on Astroturf, or real turf? Do they want a warm lively convivial bar with all facilities to have a drink after their match?