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Its got to a police state when we have to get permission to plant dafodil bulbs


People who live in villages should expect and enjoy to see horses along the roads.
Estate dwellers should nip out with their shovels and use the horse manure for
their roses, and stop moaning!!!

See my ugly mug!





Thankyou for pressing my button! I am Steve Sanford, taking over as webmaster from John Tribe,
who has done sterling work over the years to start this village website. Please add it to your
"favourites", and revisit regularly.
I hope to expand and redesign the site very soon.

I would like to thank Sammi Fridlington, a professional website designer and PERL
expert programmer for the "Diary of Events" section. He designed the PERL/CGI code
and program-which allows users to enter their "Events" via the www.welton-village.co.uk

Broadband in Welton
Now that we have broadband enabled in Welton, let's use it to the full! We are indebted to Dean Hall's
campaign to get to BT's "magic number".

Broadband allows you to discard any second line used purely for the internet and fax.

Broadband is magically fast, and now cheap and reliable, always on, no waiting for dialups. Googling
is now pleasurable, and new free programs downloaded rapidly.

Broadband allows simultaneous use of your phones while several PCs use the internet
Companies such as www.plus.net.co.uk, and www.tiscali.co.uk have Welton packages for £17.99 per month
[Internal PCI modems are available at £25-still have a 30 second delay to connect first time
External modem/routers are £25-"truly instant, always on, multiple users"
Wireless/modem/routers are £85-"no wires" to keep 'er indoors happier!

ebuyers 1-port modem/router with network card

origo 1-port router
Linksys WAG54G-about £73 amazon.co.uk
Belkin F5D7630 £66 www.savastore.com Works well with Macs


Best bargains-if you are a light user

www.metronet.co.uk offer a package which starts at £10 and the more you use it the more it costs-however
the cost is capped at £25 but the speeds and service are not capped. The speeds start at 512kb up to 2mb.
I am not affiliated with them in any way, just a happy broadband user in Welton.
[Jon fantawttw@myrealbox.com]

www.wanadoo.co.uk offer broadband for £17.99/month, as do www.plusnet.com, www.tiscali.com, and www.BT.com

All require a one-off payment of £50 to BT for the broadband line-usually taken by the ISP company

Use a modem/router/network switch-a dialup PCI modem supplied by the ISP not a good idea
-too long to wait for connection!!!

Do not use a USB modem-ask for the wires only service!!!

linksys network card [if your PC doesn't already have one]-45486 £7.04
4-port modem/router network switch 48449 £27.02
[or Origo N Hykeham Computer fair!!]
1-port modem/router/switch £22.32 48448
Linksys wireless WAG54g £73 www.amazon.co.uk or [ [ or Origo ebuyer.co.uk 57571-or from N Hykeham Computer fair!]




I can install broadband for you if you require help!
I can build an uptodate new PC box [Intel P4 3.00GHz, DDR memory, decent graphics card, usb2, network] for £450]Quite decent high specification
or a decent low cost PC box [PCchips 333 AMD] about £250



Contributions and suggestions
Could I ask any businesses, individuals and organisations to let me have any old photographs, ideas and
suggestions by email or letter box at Nutkin Cottage, 15 Sudbeck Lane, Welton.
Very many thanks.



Lets have a litter-fest day each Saturday to clean up the Sports & Social playing field

Can we ring the council to gritclean the graffitti on the concrete walls, repair and replace the
defective dog and litter bins, provide more, and empty them more frequently!

Steve Sanford

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Bargain corner
Norton Systemworks Pro 2003 antivirus and registry checker etc www.telescan.co.uk £24 01253 829292
ebuyer.co.uk 1port network modem/router and USB printer port £23-brilliant [48448 £22.32
Linksys modem 54g wireless modem/router/switch £90 simply.co.uk-the best!
Tesco PS/2 optical scroller mouse £15-the best cheap improvement!!!

TR Computers do secondhand PCs from £19-£79 old, secondhand, but refurbished
-and very suitable for broadband-where you do not need a powerful computer

Also H P Laserjet 4 laser printers-secondhand at £29
www.ebuyer.com firewire cards for video editing £9
usb 2 6 port cards £9
200Gb harddisks £80
Illyama flat 17" TFT screens £303-brilliant
Phillips 16Ms flat TFT screens £250
www.savastore.com PC cases £21

www.ebuyer.co.uk PC cases with keyboard, mouse and PSU £19+vat

I have through my time as webmaster done everything I felt was right for Welton. The site is not meant to be only rosy positive publicity for Welton, but a site determined to try to improve the bad things.

Years ago, I asked the Parish Council, WLDC, Highways and LCC to
Provide and maintain more frequent and better dog bins. Dog owners are very good at clearing dogpoo, but they are faced with £1000 fines and far too widely spaced vandalised overflowing dog bins. From Dunholme to Welton this problem is never addressed.

I asked for higher, bigger and deeper litterbins, more frequently sited. If they are never emptied, how can we encourage the kids to dump their drinks bottles, fag packets, chip boxes in them.

While the above refuse to act, the Sports and Social Club field looks like a third world bombsite after Friday drinks parties.

I asked for the vile graffitti to be removed: this stayed for two years!

Rude abusive loutish behaviour should stop.

Drunken vandalism to property should stop, and any decent Parish Councillor should be ashamed at their impotence and lack of action.
[I could spend £100,000 on a skateboard park if it was not my money: at least, if they have a Costcutters, it will move the problems down Hackthorn Road…]

Nobody in their right mind would say these aims should be abandoned. This website, totally independent of the Parish Council, is the best forum to make LCC, Highways, and WLDC aware of the deficiencies, to shame the PC and authorities into action.

The Team Support driver says “Welton people should stop grumbling-they should try Scunthorpe”. He sits in his van “doing his paperwork” [The Sun] and does not pick up litter, nor empty the litter bins, and does not empty the heavy wire mesh bin outside the S & SC.
We need more bins, higher and bigger, emptied by a designated person.

People say-“Don’t put this on the “frontage”-If it were in a submenu, it would never be read, and the Parish Council would continue to do nothing.

I am trying unsuccessfully to get the yobs to take a bin liner with them to fill with litter, as there are no decent bins, and to get the PC to get out and about to see the litter, foul behaviour and vandalism, and accept that the Police are far too undermanned and busy to ever take Weltons vandalism, drunken foul behaviour seriously.

Rather than anonymously criticising me, you too should lobby the authorities for action to improve your village, and get out, like I and other do, picking up litter, emptying litter bins, clearing dog poo and interacting with the PC.

The PC continually refuse to answer questions, pass the buck, saying “its not our responsibility”, rather than getting stuck in and lobbying for action.

Yours cheerfully,

Steve Sanford




Any new webmaster for www.welton-village.co.uk would have to sign either Contract A or Contract B

Contract A

There will be no limit whatsoever to my brown-nosing to the people who believe they run and own Welton

I promise to start from a blank index.htm page and submit each and every web page to the Comptrollers of the Manor of Wellatune-

-the Editor of The Welton News

-and the Welton Parish Council
who together will censor and vet, or otherwise dictate the content.

No text will be altered without the Council and The Editor [Wellatune News] voting unanimously for the variation.

Every article will be a rosy version of the truth, subjected to the Spin pronounced to be correct by the Village Comptrollers

Consructive criticisms, factual accurate photographs will not be allowed.


Contract B

I promise to allow constructive criticism, free open debate, satirical cartoons of village life,

to allow and encourage every villager to submit contributions, and not vet, censor or suppress any individual's views in any way.

I promise not to be leant on by The Welton News, the Welton Parish Council, Bob Oates of Cold Hanworth Forge [purveyor of fine blacksmiything courses to the nobility], The Welton Improvement Trust or anyone else

in order to assist efforts of the villagers in getting improvements and correct maintainance of village facilities and infrastructure for each and every polltax payer in the village.

and obtain fair resources from Lincoln CC, WLDC etc as does every other section of Lincolnshire and Lincoln City.