A village pub in a dormitory town

I recently visited Lower Slaughter in the Cotswolds.

The challenge of a small village which has grown by uncontrolled building into a largish dormitory town could be unified by a good village pub.
Friday evening after work, for early doors, could enchance the village empathy and unity.

Some village pubs have local pies delivered, with free brown sauce, a roaring log fire and comfortable intimate niches with soft furnihed couches in booths, attracting everybody from postie to paper boy, doctor to vicar....

Some village pubs would use this early doors evening to encourage diners in the restaurant during the week. Some pubs have a small room for flatscreen TV, some pubs encourage local bands to perform for a supply of beverages through their act.

It helps if the landlord and his partner are "lean and hungry", depending on their sole enterprise for their business survival. This encourages a smart friendly personable landlord to develop the business so that it is the envy of the surrounding competition, rather than just catering for the hard heavy late drinkers of their village.

This pub in the Cotswolds does not need to allow lock-ins and underage drinkers-it prospers by being a good pub, a good eating house, the focus of the village, attracting every type of client, getting the villagers out of their living room and into the "local" for good conversation, good company, and a friendly atmosphere free of "nit-picking, backstabbing, where whatever your mood and circumstances, beckon you in for repeat visits, into and overflowing warm comfortable interior.

Then I awoke...