Highways Dept

Dear Sirs
Re New Signs A46 near Welton Junction

These signs are an excellent idea-but

1-From Lincoln the speed sensor needs to be sited 100yards from the sign.
2-The sign should light at speeds over say 40mph even if they need cabled supply or a new generator
3-The sign itself should be 100 yards away from the junction, not at the turn-off ramp

Similarly, from Dunholme-

1-The sign itself should be before the brow of the hill-ie 200yards further away from its present site, the sensor 100yards remote from the sign.

The white lines at the T-junction need to be regularly redone in the highest quality reflective markings

The unlit yellow flat bollard is invisible by day or night, needs to be an illuminated conventional white bollard.
The background of the car lot needs to have sight screens…

Re Bollards on A46 Nettleham

I realise that the illuminating lights were only fitted for the first week, and you cannot afford a shilling for the electricity meter, but all these bollards are unlit at night.

If you cannot afford new bulbs, a Scotch reflective red surface should be applied across the six-foot wide obstruction.

Unlit, these are a positive danger to traffic-and you could be sued for making the safe road more dangerous!!!


Steve Sanford www.welton-village.co.uk 01522 553149


I think we should all be grateful to the bus companies who have introduced "kneeling buses", which require raised ramps on main through roads. Pedestrian refuges allow their customers to cross safely and increase and maintain their profits.I suspect that "Highways" had a shedload of cash to spend before the year end, and have bought in a lot of pre built pedestrian refuges going cheap.

Welton's pedestrian cossings are far better than road calming measures of sleeping policemen, jutting out verges and priority to oncoming traffic-which I believe we were in danger of aquiring by default.

The approach view of each refuge should have a boat shaped prow, to aid articulated lorries and HGVs to skid around them,
the bollards should have secondary emergency dual lights when the main lamps fail.

If anyone is injured on the Co-op high drop kerb, I would say they have a good chance of compensation:this is hazardously designed

[On the Nettleham A46, were electric lights only installed experimentally for the first week? They are all out!!!

Has anyone got a shilling for the meter??? ]

-the approach aspect should have highest quality reflective Scotch strips


On the Kettering A52 they all have fluorescent green reflective scotch panels

-the bollards should be offset towards the left carriageway-a 5' wide blunt kerb and 1' wide unlit bollard are a recipe to make the roads more dangerous.


All in all-these are a lot better than we were expecting, and a pedestrian crossing was long opverdue in Welton. The contractors turned up with no prior warning to the long suffering businesses, took ages destroying the kerbs, when double yellow lines would have had legal force and cost far less.

What was the total cost, and what did villagers have to pay for this scheme-which should have come from Road Fund Licence.

Hand in hand should come a considered provision of twenty more car park spaces for the elderly and infirm

with double yellow lines along Cliff Road and areas of high rise multiple flats without onsite parking provision, such as 1 Sudbeck Lane.