This website was formed by John Tribe, who always agreed that it should be the village's website, by the villagers, for the villagers, and not by the Parish Council to air only the rosy Parish Council's view of the world.

Censorship and theft of the village website by the Parish Council is wrong!!!

The Parish Council pay out £60,000 every year to run Manor Park-I believe this is why the rest of Welton has no improvements...No decent Health Centre /Coop car park, no Cliff Road laybys, graffiti and vandalism untargetted..., yob behaviour still untargetted...


The Parish Council have persuaded John Tribe to sell them the webname, which he owned, and always promised to sell it, if at all, to myself..


Please go to and resave this site as a favourite.

S R Sanford-webmaster for four years, paying the arrears Peter Harrold had allowed to build up for eighteen months, unpaid...

Marie Curie Cancer Care Charity Store 862960 (Black Bull Courtyard every Saturday 8.30-12.30)

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From: Rodney Applewhite
Having visited Welton last week I noticed a picture of the Applewhites Co-op in the Black Bull, which is in your photo gallery, as well as two other pictures of the shop. I wonder if anyone has any information about the family who ran it as I belive they are relatives or can indentify the staff in the picture. Also where are the originals of the photos as the downloads are only a small file size and I would like to obtain copies.
R Applewhite (Rochdale)
Rodney Applewhite

The vandalised bridge over Welton Beck
Not Welton...
Might I suggest that Lottery money be requested to rebuild our bridge, using rsj girders and outriggers to prevent its' repeated damage-it seems to be a lottery as to how long the matchwood lasts!!!

There is some evidence that Welton is becoming a little more intolerant village. For seven years I have walked my dogs in the Rec off a lead: I pick up my dogs, and other's, dog-mess, have picked litter from the Beck and around the field which had been sorely neglected and litter-strewn for seven years.
Many dog owners and their dogs congregate here and socialise.
Recently, a very few people have "ordered" them to walk elsewhere.


Please, dog owners-walk your dogs in the Rec, off the lead-if appropriate, be responsible, pick up dog mess.
Obviously, if you have a bad-tempered, perhaps rescue, dog, or a short-nosed, black-striped, orange/yellow tall dog, (otherwise known as a tiger), please keep it restrained near toddlers with sandwiches.

Keith Holmes looked into the legal powers people quote when applying the "dogs on lead" "rule". Nobody has the power to apply this rule as long as the dogs do not run amok, attack or disturb others. Please do not be cowed by nutter individuals who shout at dog owners-they can be treated and get therapy...


The "authorities" have decreed that graffitti sprayed by yobs, has to be removed by the owner: This is totally ridiculous: If yobs deface, they, or our poll tax should remove the gaffitti. The owner is the victim, but as ever, owners can be fined easily, yobs need vigilant observers to catch and report them. What are their parents like to allow their kids to vandalise...?




Mrs Pamela Van Gelderen,
Welton Parish Council
Lincoln Road
Dear Pamela,

I wonder if I might ask you to consider one or two ideas for a “facelift” around the Coop, the Chemists, the Library, and The Health Centre-always allowing for the fact that any improvements should be vandal-proof and durable!

I wonder if you might consider the soft Lincoln stone front wall, which has been constantly vandalised and neglected, could be demolished, and replaced by dwarf walls in engineering rustic brick, with low pillars and classy wrought iron railings between, to replace the badly unvarnished neglected and vandalised fence palings and stone walls, especially between the Coop and Library car park, where the gulag wire netting looks terrible and the wall has been cut and “raised” for many months now.
Any rebuilding behind the Coop should have builder access from the road behind the premises, and this rebuilding carried out urgently to facelift the present eyesore and vandal/litter trap!

One long frontage of dwarf wall in brick, with low pillars and classy wrought iron railings to match the Coop railings, would enhance the whole village centre.

I realise that each premises would probably wish to retain its own freehold, but the idea of one large contiguous car park, with one entry near the present doctor’s parking, and one exit near the present Coop exit could tidy up and enhance this whole area, and provide many more parking spaces, herringbone style, than at present-eliminating the green verge dead spaces, with speed bumps and pedestrian crossing markings to allow pedestrian and children entrance to the Coop as at present.

A CCTV camera, park benches on the grass frontage would enhance the village centre.

“Phase Two” would involve removing the mud bath at the left hand corner entrance to Cliff Road, replacing it with lay-by parking right along to the Methodist Chapel, and similarly on the right from the junction to Taylor’s pet food store-providing at least twenty new spaces and full two-way free passage for cars and lorries.

These minor alterations would give many more parking spaces and hence better access for all the village’s users of these fine facilities, but would require forward vision by all concerned.

I have pledged £1000 if the Parish Council, the Health Centre, the Chemists, the Library do the same, and Bob Oates of Cold Hanworth Forge might donate the wrought iron classic railings, and Messrs North donate the brickwork!

This would seem to me to be a very innovative long-term facelift, giving reason for pride to the village. All concerned would gain great kudos for their imaginative foresight.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Sanford

Copies to
The Health Centre
The Library
The Coop
The Chemist
Welton Parish Council
Bob Oates Cold Hanworth Forge.

Dear Pam

I do not believe that Parish Councillors are circumscribed as definitely as
you pretend. One PC recently went to New York and gave a presentation on his
return to the CC about USA measures to clean up New York suburbs, with
penalties for "beating a carpet in the street...!"

There is no reason why the Chairman of WPC cannot go for a cup of tea with
each premises and suggest an informal meeting to discuss whether there could
be cooperation between all interested parties.
It simply means thinking innovatively, "out of the box"-something which does
not come easy to the more subservient Parish Councils.

Be bold, be innovative, be pushy, be recognised as a leader, not a puppet!

I believe we can all cooperate and push forwards, not drown in the quagmire
of laziness.

FAO Pam Gelderen
At the moment I'm pushing for
-double yellow lines or "school zone" outside William Farr
-Bus shelter, park benches for the green
-laybys instead of mud quagmires
-replacement, not removal of, of the corroded village entry signs, dwarf
walls [in addition, an ethnic village sign if they ever get off their butts
and erect one: this has been discussed for seven years!]
-metal dogbins, domehead bolts on the S&SC field
-Large covered Burton Waters type litter bins, emptied regularly by a
designated person, three along parallel to Church Lane
three parallel to Ryland Road
one outside the S&SC window
-late night buses
-facelift to the Coop/Health Centre
-return of the sorted rubbish bins Dunholme & Welton village hall removed
after "consultation" with the Parish Councils-you gave in supinely
-return of the skip-which costs peanuts to run
dont be swayed by nonsensical specious arguments about landfill...!
-prevention of wanton vandalism-we'll see how long the plastic replacement
sign lasts at top of S&SC!


Quote: "These are informal notes of the [Parish Council] meeting... and cannot in any way be construed to represent draft notes or minutes of Council proceedings"-ie SPIN !
The Parish Council and Welton News are supreme politicians and masters of rosy SPIN!

Are we proud of Welton...?

Welton-the best kept village...

This bin has been upturned and unemptied for three years-a real vile mess...

Who put it here? Who is responsible-Dunholme, Welton PC, William Farr???

Welton-the best kept village...

Tiles falling off, windows smashed by vandals, boarded up

I understand this is owned by Halls, and there is a complex land dispute with the Church.

As it has existing use as a butchers shop, could the farmer renovate it as a farm shop for Welton, helped by the Parish Council?

Welton-the best kept village...
Litter, bent, corroded, unpainted, rusty poles, a scoddy seed-tray of dead flowers, lettering picked off by yobs, unmown verges, uncut hedges hiding road signs, no flashing warning sign of a nearby school...
I'm sure a well-known local builder would build a rustic brick dwarf flower bed wall at cost. This village sign needs replacing, not removing.

Its crazy to remove this standard reflective roadsign; any new rustic village sign should be in addition, behind the standard accepted and recogniseable sign

I understand the Welton 7 are a group of ex-William Farr kids with no jobs. They hang around the Coop wall hurling abuse at passers by and intimidating our elderly.
Please understand their situation and suggest they go to college and get a a job, or join sports clubs.

This corner has been vandalised for months, and the wall cut and covered for ages.
Could this area have a unified facelift with dwarf redbrick walls and wrought iron railings donated by Bob Coates rather than gulag netting and unvarnished wood rails as I suggest in
Priority facelift and Facelift

Welton-the best kept village

The agricultural side gate to William Farr: could this either be grass verge or a kerbstoned tarmacadammed layby, but not a disgusting mudbath...

We are promised new litter bins made of concrete: the new bins need to have rooves to keep out rain, and be tall to keep out foxes and dogs-these are ideal,

Lets see what our wonderful masters provide from our poll tax.We all pay 50% + in taxation: what do we get from our poll tax?


We get removal of a valued inexpensive skip at the village hall, probably because the Parish Council do not want it sited there.


I emailed West Lindsey District Council 8th November. This bin in Dunhome was replaced 14th November.

Why can I email WLDC and the Parish Council take two years to achieve action...?

Please youngsters-please do not vandalise these new bins!

Please do not allow your children to foul the dogs playing area!

Report the Culprits Anonymously

Get a grip!!!
Get a new metal bin;
fix it to the pole: its not rocket science...


More details...

This is not Halloween, Mischief Night or Bonfire Night: this is pure wanton vandalism by insane wasters, popped up on booze or drugs...
Another dogbin gets smashed...

We need metal bins and plainclothes security vigilantes with cameras...


I emailed West Lindsey District Council on 16th November requesting replacement-this new bin was replaced 24th November. Congratulations West Lindsey!

Why cannot the Parish Councils care about our villages?


Youngsters-please do not vandalise this new bin!


Uncut hedges, unmown verges, graffitti, dogbins in smithereens after two months.

Welton Parish Council and WLDC do not care, they have no contingency maintenance reserves: the yobs are in control.

Uncut hedges, unstrimmed paths and vertges, overgrown by nettles, litter, waste and vandalism: Welton, neglected by the Parish Council, neglected by Lincoln


We need police present on foot especially Friday nights around midnight to stop the yob vandalism. I understand the local Police have to come from any village area from Gainsborough to Scunthorpe to Market Rasen, more than twenty minutes away, if called...

The local Welton Police Station has no 24hour reception staff. A telephone outside the Welton Police Station is a direct link to Lincoln Police Control room-24 hours a day.

The two "single-crewed" police cars based at Welton have to cover 21 villages from Gainsborough to Scunthorpe to Market Rasen, and are totally overstretched due to government cutbacks and understaffing.

Ideally, Welton Police Station should be manned Friday evenings. Dunholme shops should not sell alcohol to youngsters.

I understand that the Parish Council cannot even pay its solicitor's bill immediately [ for Manor Park???] but only in two instalment £5285 1st Jan 2006, a second a year later £5285 1st Jan 2007. 4% above base should be added each month, and the solicitors refuse to do any further work until paid in full...

If you are not on the Parish Council, you cannot find out what "miscellaneous expenses" are...£6,000.


Bob Oakes Cold Hanworth Forge Nr Welton Lincoln

Dear Bob
I wondered where your promised article on Cold Haworth Forge had gone-I want to do a piece with pictures as we discussed.

I noted your little epistle in the Welton News, and it has been regurgitated to me ad nauseam by the Parish Council!
I like knockers-especially 36A-but you totally fail to see the point:
Welton has been severely disadvantaged by a Parish Council who have taken a degree in inertia. I have worked with the PC for three years trying to get decent dogbins, decent litter bins, the S & SC playing field tidied up, but WPC refuse to work with me.

I am not concerned about the opinions of a few Yanks-I get enough friendly fire from the Parish Council...!

The WIT is a decent bunch of older men, but they do not get their sleeves rolled up, on their hands and knees to tidy litter, cannot take on verge repair works or ask people to repair and update public buildings, or renovate privately owned wrecks. They take two years to argue about a new sign, but nothing happens. I am sure that you can complete a sign in ten days or less! The new sign needs to be complemented by Highways replacing the old knackered signs by new, with imaginative raised dwarf wall flower beds

I am most concerned to get this devastation through to government departments, John Prescott’s office, The LCC, WLDC, Highways etc-and I am succeeding very well in pressurising the WPC to pull their finger out and actually DO something, rather than endless mass debates resulting in no action.

Rather than knock me, you should see the bigger picture. I am not in the slightest interested in a few Yanks opinion: I want Welton to drag itself out of the Parish Council induced torpor and become the best kept village around. We cannot become the best kept village if we are the worst, tolerating drunken yobbish behaviour, unmaintained dog and litter bins, vandalism, with older people scared to go out at night.

We need more for the young people to do-discos, clubs etc, and zero tolerance of vandal yob behaviour to appear macho to the girls.The local one-man police force does sterling work-but they are spread out over twenty-one villages.

I will not be cowed into acceptance of a neglected village in decline run by people who do not care. If the Parish Council does not wish to co-operate with me, so be it.
Yours most sincerely, Steve Sanford



Please, everybody, clear up your litter, bottles and cans when you hang out on the Sports & SC field!!! Please take a bin liner, and leave no litter!!!



Councillor Eddie M Reall, Ian Turvey & Parish Council

The most sensible solution is to forget any weird one-way system: totally daft and unnecessary, almost as stupid as the anti-clockwise roundabout…!

The best solution is to cut back the verges on both sides of this very wide area, and install laybys on both sides for the full length from the chapel to the junction with Lincoln Road as I suggested in my letter to Ian Turvey and the Parish Council.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Sanford