The Sports and Social Club

Several new park benches have been placed in the Sports and Social Club sportsfield, in memory of Graham Charles Matthews. The back of the seats represents a crossword puzzle, which were one of his passions. Together with his initials and year of birth 1963 and death 2004, the seats were designed and made by Bob Oakes of Coldhanworth Forge-who also runs courses in wrought iron fabrication. He donated one, The Lincolnshire LandRover Club, of which Graham was a long-standing Committee member, donated the one with the LandRover emblem nearest the beck. The other four were donated by the Sports and Social Club, where Graham was a Committee member at the time of his untimely death.

Barry Matthews


The managers and owners of The Sports and Social Club have founded a friendly convivial pub where members can, for a small annual subscription, enjoy company and banter with low beer prices, widescreen Sky TV, in comfortable down-to-earth friendly surroundings.

The owners constantly upgrade the premises, which are the focus for football local league matches, and have provided a great asset for the village of Welton..


This bin has been filled with disposeable nappies and contents. It has not been emptied for six months. I personally emptied it this
Sunday-three minutes work. The Lincoln Council "Team" tippervan man says "It's not my responsibility"

The right hand bin has been vandalised. It is broken, too low, so dogs and foxes can eat from it. Both these bins need replacing
by the larger green side open bins. We need four bins by the source of the litter-the Sports and Social Club. Please put your
fag packets, liquor bottles, cans, vodka bottles
in these new bins, kindly provided by your powerful, caring, responsible Parish Council.

Liquor bags from the Co-op, Costcutters, Chip boxes from the Fish shop should be put in the new bins provided by the Parish Council.



The owner of the freehold of the Sports Park, [and of the riperian rights and responsibilities of the stream bank] has the right to maintain his hedges. Cutting them down for bonfire wood was a very generous gesture-
Now that bonfire night has passed, it might be appreciated if the piles of burnt charcoal were cleared away by the perpetrators.


The owners and operators of the Sports and Social Club have nicely cleared the hedges, paths and surrounding area-very much appreciated. It would be nice if the Parish Councillors actually visited, checked, and carried out dogbin clearing, litter bin provision and the hedge-trimming, pathverge maintainance, graffitti-clearing-it only takes one phone call from the Chairman to the graffitti-clearing van man...