Speed and safety


Everybody wishes to avoid injury or death to any human, whether adult or child. It is our duty to drive appropriately, safely and with due regard to road conditions and our own condition.

We should pay 100% attention to the road ahead, hazzards and other road users, without unnecessary distractions.


I believe that speed alone is not the greatest factor in road accidents: two objects will collide if their speed and direction brings them together at a point in time.

Our aim must be to reduce the chances of a collision occurring by modifying our direction and speed to avoid a collision, by best planning and foresight.


Read the road ahead, plan and make contingency plans.


Do not be distracted by constantly searching in the background for speed cameras-invest in a gps warning system-this allows full attention to be given to the real hazzards

drivers pulling out, motorcyclists, children.


I believe that speed cameras ddetract from road safety, are being relied upon by government as a nother stealth tax, and are placed to maximise revenue on safe stretches of road where little or nop benefit accrues

eg Swanholme roundabout approach,

A15 near showground etc


Restricting HGVs to 58 mph causes drivers frustration, and they overtake without full virew of hidden dips. Derestrict modern well-braked lorries below a certain gross laden weight.

There are many stretches of road where 20mph is grossly excessive and innappropriate.

Equally, there are many circumstances where 100 mph is appropriate and not dangerous


Drive appropriately, don't dawdle, be safe and careful, considerate.