Cash Pledge


Parking spaces

There is scope for several parking spaces on both sides of Cliff Road

From Scampton, on the left, cars could park facing the Coop
on the right, cars could park facing Scampton. The verges could be
cut back, proper marked parking spaces provided.

Thinking laterally, boldly and imaginitavely, the Health Centre
Staff park, the patients/library
parking and the Coop could be one long rectangle, two entrances
where staff and patients presently enter, and one exit at the present
Coop entrance /exit with all cars parking herringbone facing the
library, entering and leaving in a flow, each keeping their freehold.

A complete mudbath-can this layby regularly used be tarmacced and kerbed and the whole of this lefthand verge be converted to proper parking spaces

Best kept mudbath???

The verge here is easily wide enough to be converted to proper layby parking spaces. The doctors, library, chemist, Coop all require provision of parking spaces now the pedestrian refuges have removed much parking
On this right hand side, at least eight new parking spaces can be created, removing the mudbath eyesore...
At least eight new spaces can be created for the vital chip shop, petfood store and overspill from our brilliant Health Centre


The library needs a rebuild or a facelift, the land behind the Coop
should be used to rebuild the Coop or Sorting Office-but the
ugly half-demolished wall and cheap concrete posts and netting and
unvarnished cheap fence palings should go!!!

Bob Oates could donate wrought iron railing, with the legend
Cold Hanworth Forge, on a dwarf Yorkshire stone wall,
low accross
the Health Centre Car par, high between the
Health Centre/Coop, and low accross the Coop frontage to prevent
squatters lifting the stone slate coping stones

This would give a smart, unified focus to the village centre.

Is there any artist at William Farr who could draft an artist's impression?

One CCTV camera would complete the job...

Just an idea...

I pledge £1000 if the WPC do so, Bob Oates do so, the Coop do so, The Health Centre do so, LCC do so, WLDC do so...

and Highways do the bilateral parking spaces.

It is time to stop sniping, all think imaginatively and forget the skatepark.

Much as I like the idea of Pamela mud-wrestling, could the brewery lorries be instructed NOT to three-point-turn on the grass. If these hollow mud baths were drained and levelled and returfed, or tarmac on concrete, the Sports and Social club walls would not be covered in mud...

This William Farr woods dogbin has been full of oolah and upturned and full for months.

Is it awaiting container shipping to Indonesia...?