Members of the Parish Council, I believe, are unpaid. They are reimbursed expenses, with little investigation.


One hopes Parish Councillors join the Parish Council because inherently they wish to represent their village, believe they have something to offer, and have political skills to further their aims.


Does the title confer any kudos, either in their business community, with their public, or their clients, or their bank manager???


Does the position offer a pathway to greater political positions?


What powers do the Parish Council have?

Are all important decisions made elsewhere by Highways, West Lindsay DC, Lincs CC?


Pamela explained to the Welton Residents Association that the Parish Council are

bound by a strict code of conduct

cannot speak to Highways, LCC, WLDC

do not wish to cooopt anyone who has an aim for the village

Many at the Welton Residents Association Meeting did not know who were the Couincillors

I suggested their photographs, email addresses, addresses and contact phone numbers be published as a matter of course, but of course she vetoed this.