An open letter to the Parish Council and the villagers of Welton.

Mrs Pamela VanGelderen
Chairman of Welton Parish Council

Dear Mrs VanGelderen,

I write once again in the hope that you might try to proactively urge the LDC, WLDC, LCC, The Police etc etc to improve local services for Welton,
and not continually reply “It’s not our responsibility”, “It’s not our department”, “There’s nothing we can do”, “No money etc"

As usual, you replied: "Your comments have been passed to the appropriate departments". You take no action.

The Parish Council would gain great kudos by providing four bins

-along the top of the w(rec)k

-and down near the S&SC

This dogbin remains torched and in smithereens after two months:

you should have a stock of new metal bins immediately available

Why cannot the PC be movers and shakers, showing initiative by providing a security service?
It only needs a plain clothes man on a bike with a camera

Another drunken litter night by the wasters...

Please clean up your mess in a bin liner!!!


The top end dogbin remains bludgeoned to smithereens and torched after a month... You should have a few stock METAL bins available immediately.
The litter bins need to have a roof, not be open to the rain, and high enough to keep foxes and dogs out.
Leaving the vandalised bin for months gives the message "We do not care about this village"
The blue Burton Waters type are ideal and would show the Parish Council care:
at present they plainly do not.

I believe that as Gordon Brown's UK is bankrupt, and Lincolnshire bankrupt, the Parish Council have been instructed to stop all expenditure; they want to curry favour with the higher authorities, or do nothing out of habit.

The measures I suggest do not cost a lot of money-certainly not £100k of taxpayer’s money for a skateboard park [which I happen to support]

1 We need more three more deeper, bigger, litter bins at the top end of the Sports field, parallel to Church Lane, to replace the shallow small bin
-where the drinkers meet [I have no problem with a few drinks-it’s the vandalism and litter that a handful leave behind]. If they want to get cancer, that’s their funeral.

2 We need three more such bins near the Sports and Social Club, to replace the unemptied old bin-by one easily emptied regularly by the Team Support man [he says "Its not my job…my contract only says dogbins"] and the verges and paths, hedges cut and strimmed.

How can we encourage the youngsters to put their litter into large bin bags, and into in the bins, if they are too small and overflowing. The vast majority of youngsters are well behaved and well intentioned. Dogs and foxes can get in too easily.

3 We need more litter bins throughout Welton. Some of the £60,000 parish council precept should go towards this inexpensive measure.

4 We need the vandalised dog bins replaced and emptied regularly. The one on William Farr woods is never emptied, regularly pushed over.

5 We need more dogbins throughout Welton.

When we have more decent bins, we can encourage the dogowners to clear up their dog’s poo. Most dog owners do brilliantly clear up, and are already clearing up the Sports Field litter every morning after the crunks.

6 We need the magnificent new Young Peoples Club opened more frequently. Why on earth is this magnificent new building only open two nights?

6 It took two years for the graffitti to be painted over-by the householder, I believe. Why was this eyesore allowed to exist for over two years: It would have enhanced the PCs kudos to have carried out the small cost of removal.

I have through my time as webmaster done everything I felt was right for Welton. The site is not meant to be only rosy positive publicity for Welton, but a site determined to try to improve the bad things.

Vandalism at William Farr-twenty-odd windows smashed [by Nettleham youths avenging the lost virginity of one of their girls?] must be countered.

Years ago, I asked the Parish Council, WLDC, Highways and LCC to provide and maintain more frequent and better dog bins. Dog owners are very good at clearing dogpoo, but they are faced with £1000 fines and far too widely spaced vandalised overflowing dog bins. From Dunholme to Welton this problem is never addressed.

I asked for higher, bigger and deeper litterbins, more frequently sited. If they are never emptied, how can we encourage the kids to dump their drinks bottles, fag packets, chip boxes in them.

While Parish Council, who administer the w(rec)k, refuse to act, the Sports and Social Club field looks like a third world bombsite after Friday drinks parties.

I asked for the vile graffitti to be removed: this stayed for two years!

Rude abusive loutish behaviour should stop. We need more vigilante villagers

Drunken vandalism to property should stop, and any decent Parish Councillor should be ashamed at their impotence and lack of action.
[I could spend £100,000 on a skateboard park if it was not my money: at least, if they have a Costcutters, it will move the problems down Hackthorn Road…]

Nobody in their right mind would say these aims should be abandoned. This website, totally independent of the Parish Council, is the best forum to make LCC, Highways, and WLDC aware of the deficiencies, to shame the PC and authorities into action.

The Team Support driver says “Welton people should stop grumbling-they should try living in Scunthorpe”. He sits in his van “doing his paperwork” [The Sun] and does not pick up litter, nor empty the litter bins, and does not empty the heavy wire mesh bin outside the S & SC.

We need more bins, higher and bigger, emptied by a designated person.

People say-“Don’t put this on the “frontage”-If it were in a submenu, it would never be read, and the Parish Council would continue to do nothing.

I am trying unsuccessfully to get the yobs to take a bin liner with them to fill with litter, as there are no decent bins, and to get the PC to get out and about to see the litter, foul behaviour and vandalism, and accept that the Police are far too undermanned and busy (being spread over twenty one villagers) to ever take Weltons vandalism, drunken foul behaviour seriously.

Rather than anonymously criticising me, you too should lobby the authorities for action to improve your village, and get out, like I and other do, picking up litter, emptying litter bins, clearing dog poo and interacting with the PC.

The PC continually refuse to answer questions, pass the buck, saying “its not our responsibility”, rather than getting stuck in and lobbying for action. West Lindsey DC refer us to Welton PC: WPC refer us to WLDC. Its not rocket science: Get a metal bin and fix it to the post!!!


The decent people of Welton need to perceive that their Parish Council are fighting on their side, not ignoring problems, being proactive on their behalf, not apologetic-and thus engender a feeling that we are all pulling together to improve village life.

I ask all the decent people of Welton to support this call for improvement, and to report the people responsible to me.
This is not needless bitching: the vast majority of villagers, young and old, need to grasp these nettles before further decline. Then I can construct a pretty website for our potentially brilliant village.

Yours cheerfully,

Steve Sanford


Agenda for Parish Council, WLDC, Lincoln County Council

Parish Council Members
Chairman of the Council - Mrs Pamela van Gelderen
Vice Chairman of the Council - Ian Turvey
47 Ryland Road Welton LN2 3LU 01673 863351/860723
Mrs Marlene Chapman
29 Ryland Road, Welton LN2 3ND 01673 861458
Peter Harrold 01673 861458 07770 406883 Eastfield House 71 Eastfield Lane Welton Lincoln LN2 3ND
Karl Kay
John Laws Plot 2 Eastfield Lane Welton LN2 3NA 01673 863114
Richard Pikett
Eddie Reall
Harry Wake
Mrs Sue Watson Byron Roselea Road Welton LN2 3RT 01673 860181
Brian Whitehead

Chairman of Finance and General Purposes - Cllr Mrs Pamela van Gelderen
Chairman of Planning & Housing - Cllr Ian Turvey
Chairman of Highways and Utilities - Cllr Eddie Reall
Chairman of Environment and Heritage - Cllr Richard Pikett
Chairman of Manor Park Committee - Cllr Brian Whitehead
Chairman of Publications Committee - Cllr Mrs Marlene Chapman

Roger Hiscox 01673 860047 Bradshaw Gate Main Street Hackthorn LN2 3PF
Malcolm Parish 01673 861118 26 Cliff Road Welton LN2 3JJ

Council Office 01673 860336 -always closed...

Still no progress on dog bins, litter bins or graffitti removal...

Letters to PC/WLDC/LCC/Highways etc

Lincolnshire County Council Fax 01522 552323
Highways and Planning Fax 01522 553149
West Lindsay DC The Guildhall, Gainsborough, Lincs DN21 2DH
Parish Council! 01673 860336

Past problems

This graffiti should be grit-blasted and removed. It is not the responsibility of the
property owner-he is the victim. It is not the responsibility of the Sports and Social Club.
Having told everybody that "it is the responsibility of the property owner"-do you seriously expect him to respond???
The playing field land is the responsibility of the landowners-the Parish Council! I requested the PC to remove this years ago. I even found several grit blaster companies-but PH intends to paint over it!

More details..

This electric terminal brickhouse has been left to rot for three years. The Parish Council own the land. Yobs prise open the door in search of cash. It should have be demolished years ago and not left to be an eyesore

The best kept judges said the stream required maintainance. The cut branches stood for months. When burnt, the charcoal piles were left to destroy the grass. Would it be possible to rake up the charcoal, put it in the stream to purify the drinking water for Dunholme?

Addison Drive has a very strong vocal resident's association, and money from Lincoln: they get very smart litter bins which engender a sense of pride...


Is this litter bin ever emptied? I've emptyied it myself several times recently. Why cannot the Team Lincoln vanman empty the litter bins at the same time as emptying the dog bins? "Its not my job"

There is still one vandalised bin in the centre of the field. There are not enough new tall "green"litter bins.



We need more litter bins, emptied frequently, by an assigned operator, by the Sports and Social Club-and litter louts to use them...!
We need three dog bins, emptied frequently, near the Sports and Social Club,
several more around the village, and all the vandalised, broken, torn-down bins remounted securely.
Can everyone using the Sports and Social Club recreation ground put their beer cans, wrappers and other litter in the new bins.
Most dog owners clear up their dogs droppings-but there are too few bins, infrequently spaced, and remain vandalised for years. Action Please!!!
Even an old oil drum, cemented into a plinth containing one Parish Council member would be a good stopgap if cash is tight. This bin requires two men to empty it, is always overflowing and never emptied. I am quite prepared to take my trailer and empty it with an able-bodied volunteer, as long as I have free passage through Whisby tip...
If we are so short of cash through mismanagement of Manor Park, these inexpensive litter bins would be a stopgap measure until we can afford smart bins like Addison Drive.

We can then all enjoy our potentially well-cared for village with pride!


The original frontpage  


Letters received and emails sent to me...

"A cerebration of my life..."
Dear Publisher of the Welton by Lincoln Website:
I've just noticed your comments about the junction on the A46 on the Welton-by-Lincoln www-site. I'm always amused by your fallacious ramblings, and constantly entertained by your lack of ownership of hard facts before you commit to publishing on this site. Oddly, I totally agree with your comments about the junction, however, and as usual, you mention the body of people known as the Welton Parish Council. If you bothered to use the clearly limited powers of cerebration at your disposal, it would have perhaps dawned on you that this is not within the remit or powers of the Parish Council as it is actually a 'literal counrty mile' outside the parish of Welton; this is in fact a Lincolnshire County Council 'issue', and as such you should contact them. There is nothing the Parish Councils of either Dunholme or Welton could do, even if they wanted to. Plus, you go on to mention 'Poll Tax', which has never actually
existed in this country as a method of taxation, though I can only summise that you are referring to the Council Tax?. It's such a shame that you make such a fool of yourself, if ouapplied yourself intelligently to these matters instead of rambling on like an ill educated buffoon, then people might take you seriously for once, rather than laughing at you as I do, quite often. All is not lost, just think before you type, facts not fiction count, please, do your research, and you never know ... one day...... you sir are doing more harm to the image of Welton, than the people who your are trying to blame. I'm no fan of beurocracy, but those people at the Parish Council must have you down as some kind of simpleton. Go on, think for once, I dare you to apply yourself intelligently.
'The Welton Watcher' ..... naturally I can't say who I really am, with your level of misguided rancour I'd better keep my head down.

A bottle of pure Welton Beck water to anybody who knows who this character from is!
[Eleven O levels, 3 A levels, an Honours Degree-and I can spell bureaucracy, country...etc-SRS]

I make the junction less than one statute mile from the Parish Council Office: it is precisely this "not our responsibility" outlook that blights reasoned debate. There is no reason why Welton PC and Dunholme PC cannot make representations to anybody on any matter

He knows about lenticulated trusses, hasd a Masters MBA, been on holiday for two weeks, pretends that Poll Tax is an unknown term , and about the country mile remit of Parish Councils
I suspect its Turvey-known as Topsey to his friends...