Manor Park


Who provided the land originally for this Sports Centre?
Was it given by a benefactor, as a sweetener for another project?
Did the Parish Council purchase it? It was gifted to the Parish Council.
Does the land belong permenently to Welton, or the Parish Council, or certain individuals?
Does the land revert back to any group after a certain time?
Can the Parish Council [members] sell it for housing in the future?


Any village facility should not necessarily be required or expected to make a profit. Certain facilities, like the countrie's train system,
were originally nationalised to benefit the country.

Any business plan for a beneficial facility makes assumptions about hire fees and bar takings which might not be met.
I understand that the building was built with a mortgage taken on by the Parish Council.
I understand that a very able landlord was sacked because he advertised to increase trade without Parish Council approval.


Can the Parish Council give us an open transparent overview of the history of this wonderful amenity?

I have asked the Parish Council for an overview on the details of Manor Park. The Parish Council say they have no "precis" history or information flier. They say they do not know the acreage.


17 February 2006

Expenditure for Manor Park since 1997

1997/1998 £11,191.00

1998/1999 39,963.00

1999/2000 £36,216.00

2000/2001 £38,212.00

2001/2002 £49,024

2002/2003 £64,193.00

2003/2004 £68,028.00

2004/2005 £49,389.00 Average last three years £60,536.00


The Parish Council is the current landowner. The land was gifted by the previous landowner in 1990 on the condition that "the PC is to maintain the recreation field and the facilities thereon as shall have been provided by the owner as herein agreed in perpetuity for the benefit of the residents of Welton Parish"


Therefore the PC could not apply for pp to build houses under the terms of the agreement.