From Maurice Scott
Have recently learned that my Paternal Grandfather Joseph Roe Scott was born in Welton in the 1870's. His mother was a Roe. Are there any Scotts still living in Welton
Maurice Scott
- Tuesday, August 09, 2005

From Ernest Taylor
I went to Welton School in 1939-1940.
My family worked for Mr Kell the farmer. We lived at Wetmore Farm , near Snarford Bridge. I used to walk to Welton school which was about three miles away. I remember three
names of a family that worked with father and brothers on Mr Kell's farm. The family lived in Welton Village. The names of three of the men were William Lane, George Lane, Morris
Lane. Dose anyone know where any of them are today?
It would be great to know if there is any one that has a photograph of Wetmore Farm.
Could you help?
Ernest Taylor
Age 76 years

From Alan.Marshall
Sent: Monday, March 21, 2005 6:50 PM
Subject: Marshall Family History

I am researching my family history and trying to trace any details of my great-grandmother Ada Marshall who I believe worked at the Manor as a domestic servant about 1902-04.
I appreciate that this is very much a long shot but do you have any record of her? I particularly want to know her d.o.b. although I believe she was born in 1886.
I would be happy to pay any costs involved.Thank you in advance.
Alan Marshall

From Rachel Marshall
Re School Photo 1920
I have been looking on the Welton village website and come across the above picture. My grandfather
and his family come from Welton and I wondered if you have the
names of the boys in the photo because I am sure that he would be on
there as he would be around 7 years old in 1920. My grandfather was
Arthur Reginald Baldwin, son of Joseph and Georgina Betsy Baldwin
(nee Twell) that lived in Ryland/Welton.

I would love to know if he was on the photo as I don't have any pictures
of my grandfather when he was small.

I look forward to your response.
Rachel Marshall
Assistant Secretary
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From Veronica Gilbert

I have recently been dabbling in my family history and found the Welton
Village web site, and to my great surprise your photo gallery with my
Great Grandfather's Saddlery and Harness business! I have a picture
(postcard) at home which is similar and we also found in my late Aunt's
effects a brass "buckle" with the name inscribed on it.

My late Father, Alphonso Gilbert and his brothers (Ronald and Gordon)
and sisters (Eileen and Isobel) were all born in Welton c1900s. In the
1881 Census their father Augustus William Medley Gilbert, Auntie
Hortense, and Uncle Oswald are registered as living in Main Street,
Welton, next to the Carpenter's Shop. Augustus lived with his Father,
William Gilbert,(from Ingham) and Mother, Sarah Gilbert nee Bonner (born
in Welton).

The last of the Welton Gilberts died last June 2004, my Auntie Iso so
there is no-one to ask about family history. I only know that her
Mother, Wilhelmina Dalziel was a teacher - but did she teach in Welton?
Augustus died in 1935.

Perhaps there are still some Welton folk who might have some
information about the Gilberts eg when the Saddlery closed for business,
what happened to Oswald Gilbert. Also the family of Sarah Bonner, as
they were a Welton family. I met Great Aunt Hortense when I was very
small and know that she spent her last years in Buxton.

The Gordon referred to above was buried at Welton Church but I have no
further information about him or the whereabouts of the grave, and if it
was a family plot.

If you would like a copy of the photo of the Saddlery business, then I
am quite happy to scan and email it to you.

With many thanks and also I enjoyed looking at the photo gallery. I
thought that perhaps my Father would be in the school photo as he was 10
at the time but cannot spot him!


Veronica Gilbert

Veronica Gilbert
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