Well done,

It is a complacent disease to only have pretty pictures of a place, and pretend everywhere looks like the photos in County News. All over Lincolnshire councils have utterly failed in their duties. They have cleaned up the bits they live in and some of the prominent streets, but behind every facade are areas of litter, graffitti, broken windows, crime, dereliction and mess, dog fouling and outdated lamp posts and ill-lit streets in high crime areas, their efforts with road planning have failed us all.

I want to congratulate you for your efforts. Some time ago I tried to do the same for Gainsborough with files of photographs and text. Officials and councillors mostly refused even to look. Also I experienced an endless campaign of theft, burglary, tyre slashings, and car windows stove in, as well as personal attacks and insults in the street. I was driven out of one house, and had to stop writing for one local paper because I could not afford the level of retributive crime.

Few councillors or salaried officers ever walked the streets and all lived in cloud cuckoo land. Their response is still hostile to requests to clean up. These people have failed us at every level of planning and society is groaning at the seams. I see you have beeen repeatedly attacked in the press, but how could you show dereliction and mess if it was NOT there. I just want to say, don't be discourgaed or depressed, or beaten down into submission. Its time these complacent, arrogant, ill-educated, lazy and lying councillors saw and heard a bit of truth, and got off their bottoms, SO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. The greater the reaction, the more proof that you have hit a nerve. So good luck!

Yours sincerely, Robert Gore.

PS. Webmaster-- You need to make your 'contact us', button more prominent or easier to find.[no I don't!!! SRS]

Letter from Peter Harrold

I’m writing to you because the web site, which we set up, continues to vex me.

Ah! Yes! Peter Harrold: you're the chap who failed to pay the Internet Provider for 12-18 months, and expected me to pick up the tab!
I'm delighted that I continue to vex you! Your parish council policy was "Ignore him and he'll go away!"
You refer to me as The Mad Axeman... The PC constantly refuse to reply to my suggestions and queries.
You have persuaded Hugh to eliminate www.welton-village.co.uk from the Welton News, and claim the PC site as "official" .You have the Welton News [many call it "The Parish Council Magazine"]-the village has www.welton-village.co.uk, which will remain open, transparent and uncensored and open to any contributions...

You claimed there was "no money" for dogbins-yet I email West Lindsey and ten days later new bins are placed. We are still one dogbin short of a hat-trick near the S&SC!
I'm told that one PC member proposed that ALL dogbins be removed! g******n, t*****y or H******d???
You claimed not to know where the graffitti was after two years of harranging, because the PC did not want to spend money.Do I understand that the PCs solicitors will only be paid in two installments after a year: Manor Park must be costing a lot!!!

Steve Sandfrord aka Sanford continues to use it for his own campaigning purposes, constantly critcising the parish council and individual including me! This doesn’t worry me and the PVC [poly vinyl chloride?] are well used to negative criticsm. My positive suggestions are simple, cheap and commonsense: everyone in his right mind would say the PC should take the initiative on these matters...
However I am very concerned about the image this portrays of the village. A very true image-Why is nothing done for three years to correct the problems and anti-social behaviour? Our overstretched, overstressed police are spread over 21 villages. If I were a policeman, I would take early retirement before costcutting forced amalgamation is imposed by diktat.
The other Sunday morning I had phone call from Bob the blacksmith at Cold Hanworth.Is this the local businesses??? An excellent craftsman, running superb blacksmithing courses, who works in Cold Hanworth. He may not see the damage.
He had just collected some visitors from the USA from the airport who were attending one of his courses. [I've got enough friendly fire from the PC!] They had seen the site and were appalled, expecting Welton to be some sort of ghetto.Only recently, due to villager's pressures, and their litter-picking, and the efforts of our police, has it become less of a ghetto!

Sanford is a hypocrite, he allows his dogs to run freely. I like my dogs to be off the lead, socialising, wherever possible and adviseable and do their business wherever they want you try stopping the flow!-I pick up my dogs' poo, and everybody elses, taking it back home because the dogbins are miles away or vandalised for months!
I understand that you still own the "intellectual" hey, comeon, this is a parish councillor you're talking about!!! rights to the site. No-Peter Harrold owns nothing Is the ANYTHING you can do to get him off the air? Try bombing AlJezzera. Hitler started like this!

Incidentally the PC are doing a lot to improve the village not for the last three years they haven't – the recently employed caretaker has been litter picking for two weeks!
Why do the parish council have to spend taxpayer's money when West Lindsey Support Team should be doing this from poll tax??? The litter is two year's old-I've been been litter picking around Welton, fishing debris and bikes from the stream, cutting the S&SC hedges, trimming the nettles, picking up sackfuls of Costcutter's beer cans and carrier bags. The Improvement Trust is very good, but they don't get on their hands and knees, get mucky, and clear the real debris.

Kind Regards cynicism Peter Harrold
01673 861458 07770 406883
Eastfield House
71 Eastfield Lane

Dear Steve,

While I value having a village website, I am most deeply unimpressed
with the general content, attitude and appearance of
www.welton-village.co.uk. While your dedication and enthusiasm is
admirable, the website simply does not portray a positive image

Why should it???

of the village which, despite extensive growth in recent years, still
maintains a positive community spirit

Our "village" is, in reality, a dormitory town for Lincoln. Many "villagers" never enter into village life. If you want a
pretty pretty view, go to the Parish Council's website, or the Welton News

Welton is, I find, a smashing place to live, with friendly people and reasonable facilities and reasonably attractive environs.

The things that spoil it are-

-a Parish Council with no powers and no urge to influence highways, litter collection, dogbin provision and behaviour of
yobs who drop litter, drink to excess and vandalise, and intimidate other villagers.
-The Police budget is stretched because of the government caps on Police precept and undermanning.
-The Parish Council take no steps to ascertain the local problems, make no initiatives to combat this serious problem.

The overall feeling of www.welton-village.co.uk is of a disgruntled member of the public airing his
grievances over various petty matters.

If you think they are petty, that's your privilege...

While I'm sure your personal opinions on the local "yobs in their

I've never mentioned 4X4s

and "the wasters of Welton"

wasters drink excessively, vandalise and drop litter on purpose as they think it is macho

are warranted in your own eyes, you
are alienating a large proportion of the local population,

I only want to alienate the litter droppers, excess drinkers, the foul intimidating language and evil vandals

the majority of whom are perfectly nice and respectful individuals.

That is obvious

Being as involved in local events as you are, I'm sure you remember the
uproar caused last year by local buisnesses' prejudice against younger


It is their privilege to ban anyone they do not want in their premises, and take the backlash...

This sort of behaviour from "respected" members of local
society simply creates a feeling of injustice and resentment. This is
not helped by a clear lack of understanding and general knowledge -
I'm sure you're aware that O Levels were changed to GCSEs in 1984, so
the students at William Farr probably do not appreciate being
congratulated on their O Level results, a qualification from before
they were born.


O-levels are perfectly understood...

There are, of course, interesting and informative areas of the
website, but I fear the casual browser may be too put off by the
awkward layout and inefficent design to appreciate these fully. Even
running in standard 1024x768 screen res, the site feels cramped and
unappealing. I personally have not ventured onto the website since I
was bombarded with images of dog litter bins and such on a previous
visit. While these problems may well exist, and action may be
required, is this really the impression of our lovely village that you
wish to give visitors, many of whom may not be from the area, or
thinking about moving here. I personally am not a fan of the Parish
Council, I find them ineffectual and more of a status symbol than
actually providing any sort of service to the community, but when
coming to find out about the village, I do not wish to be inflicted
with your own personal vandetta against them.

If it is time limitations, or worry of the expense of a professional
web designer that is detering you form seeking to improve the website,
I'm sure there are plenty of people who are willing to contribute a
little tome in order to improve it. I myself have some professional
website experience, and will happily work, free of charge, in order to
help promote Welton in the way it deserves to be seen.

Yours sincerly

E. Lawrance

07871 934402

Dear Publisher of the Welton by Lincoln Website:
I've just noticed your comments about the junction on the A46 on the Welton-by-Lincoln www-site. I'm always amused by your fallacious ramblings, and constantly entertained by your lack of ownership of hard facts before you commit to publishing on this site. Oddly, I totally agree with your comments about the junction, however, and as usual, you mention the body of people known as the Welton Parish Council. If you bothered to use the clearly limited powers of cerebration at your disposal, it would have perhaps dawned on you that this is not within the remit or powers of the Parish Council as it is actually a 'literal counrty mile' outside the parish of Welton; this is in fact a Lincolnshire County Council 'issue', and as such you should contact them. There is nothing the Parish Councils of either Dunholme or Welton could do, even if they wanted to. Plus, you go on to mention 'Poll Tax', which has never actually
existed in this country as a method of taxation, though I can only summise that you are referring to the Council Tax?. It's such a shame that you make such a fool of yourself, if ouapplied yourself intelligently to these matters instead of rambling on like an ill educated buffoon, then people might take you seriously for once, rather than laughing at you as I do, quite often. All is not lost, just think before you type, facts not fiction count, please, do your research, and you never know ... one day...... you sir are doing more harm to the image of Welton, than the people who your are trying to blame. I'm no fan of beurocracy, but those people at the Parish Council must have you down as some kind of simpleton. Go on, think for once, I dare you to apply yourself intelligently.
'The Welton Watcher' ..... naturally I can't say who I really am, with your level of misguided rancour I'd better keep my head down.


Dear Sir,
I am a regular visitor to your site, and I filled out
your questionnaire last month, but I am so very angry
that I felt compelled to write this email!

Firstly, I lived in Welton a few years ago and I still
come back regularly to visit friends and I can tell
you that it is a lovely place. You seem hell bent on
making Welton out to be a 'hell on earth' full of
drunken, drugged up hooded monsters, in actual fact,
this is not the case! Yes there are children and
teenagers that 'hang around' but they are not all
yobs, as you so frequently name them. You are totally
ignoring the vast majority of the well behaved
youngsters that are 'hanging around' just passing the
time of day!

Drunken abusive litter-dropping yobs should cease

You mention people kicking a ball against the wall of
the Social Club, and again, you brand them 'Yobs'.
Have you ever stopped to think that these children are
enjoying playing with their friends and that there
parents are inside the club? NO! Does the wall belong
to you? NO! Does it belong to the people who you are
branding 'yobs'? YES! It belongs to all the members,
and you have no right to tell them how to use it!

Why vandalise anybody's property???

Next, on your page about the Welton/Grimsby junction,
you again mention Poll Tax. Poll Tax has not existed
in this country for quite some time. It is now Council
Tax. Please use the correct term! Poll tax did exist,
but has been extinct for a rather long time!

"Poll Tax" is understood by everybody!!!

Have you thought about the consequences that your
website may have on the local economy? People that are
not from Welton may see the sight and decide not to
visit, causing a loss in revenue for the local
businesses! I suspect that you have not!

You were young once and yet you seem to have no
realisation that children make mistakes, or have you
been perfect all your life?

Don't be abusive or drop litter!!!

The local children, on the most part, are doing the
best with what they have!

How about concentrating the website on the positive
aspects of the village. I dare you to try, because I'm
confident that you will find that they far out weigh
the negative aspects that you insist on publishing so

You have a beautiful village with friendly residents,
and you sir, are doing more harm than good!

I beg of you, come to your senses before it is too

Yours Truly

Loose Change.

Good afternoon, thanks for the reply.

Firstly, I do
agree with you., these problems do need to be
addressed, but that does not mean that you have to
make this the principle focus of the site!

People will look at the site and all they will see is
the negatives that you talk about, and they will not
look further to see just how angelic Welton is.

I think that if you changed your tack slightly, and
concentrated more on the positive aspects of the
village then people would think better of the area.

You could still put across you political views and
have a page purely dedicated to changing the area for
the better, local people would look at this, but
people from outside the area would still see why
Welton is so wonderful.

Lastly, I did use a spell checker, and I have read
through my first email, and cannot find any errors!


Rubishing usually has two "b's"

Also, it makes you look very foolish if you end a
letter with the words "try using a spell checker" if
you have obviously failed to use one yourself!

I quote from your reply:
"Nobody minds the teenies from havion g a drink-that
is between their parents and the police"

Try practising what you preach.

Yours Truly
Loose Change


Is "Loose change" a retired bank manager, who was employed by one of oyur smaller national banks, by any chance???

less narrow-minded webmaster's views and a message board where those of us that are not stuck up our own arses can write our own opinions about where we live.

I welcome any thoughts, articles, comments-email them in!

I request contributions quite openly! Unlike The Welton News-which has been taken over by members of The Parish Council, Pensions Advisors, Consulting Engineers etc to tell us that all is peace and light in Welton...!.