March 2004
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The Vicar

Rev Stuart Darlison, The New Vicarage, Homes Lane, Dunholme Tel:01673 862820

Rev Stuart Darlison extends a warm welcome to you and trusts that you, like us, will feel that this place, hallowed by centuries of prayer and praise, offers you Godís peace and blessing.


Church Wardens are:
Michael Blaydes - 860495
Glyn Jones - 861907
Vice Chairman:
Peter Everett - 861253
Marjorie Everett - 861253
Steven Kirby
PCC Members:
Hilary Vaughan
Moira Adams
Carol Jones
Paul Cartwright
Paul Maple
Cameron Watt
Lay Ministry Team:
Peter Everett, Irene Watt, Pam Beattie, Margaret Blaydes, Carol Jones, Glyn Jones.

Mothers Union

An Anglican organization, which promotes the well being of families worldwide. Its aim is the advancement of the Christian religion within marriage and family life. Membership is open to both women and men, married or single. Details of events and its 5 objectives can be found on the notice board.
Meetings are on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, in the afternoon.
Contact - Hilary Dicker - Tel: 863233

The Curate

Rev Julie Johnson, 7 St Maryís Avenue, Welton, Tel: 01673 860650

Rev Julie Johnson offers you Godís comfort and strength and prays that you will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, the love of Jesus and Godís forgiveness in this place of worship.


Smartys Club:
Held during our normal service time, Smartys Club is for children between the ages of 3 and 11. Contact: Pam Beattie - 863408

Conquerors Club
A continuation of Smarty's Club but for our older children aged 11 - 16.
Contact Debbie Hallows:


This is a women's group which meets fortnightly on a Tuesday evening, to explore all aspects of faith, church, ethics and moral decisions in today's society.

Members can request specific topics for discussion. Speakers and social outings are also planned. Led by Irene Watt and Pat Beattie.Tel: 863408


* Sunday 10.45am
Parish Communion and Church Family Worship.
(except see below)

* 5th Sunday in the month
10.45am Morning Prayer or Communion if Joint Benefice service at Welton.

* 5th Sunday in the month
10.45am Morning Prayer or Communion if Joint Benefice service at Welton.

*Tuesday 9.30am
Holy Communion (said).


Choir Practice - Monday evenings.Contact - Margaret Blaydes - 860495

Bell Ringing Practice -
Friday evenings - between 7.45pm and 9pm. Anyone is very welcome to come and see what we do and we would be particularly pleased if any adults with previous experience would like to join the team. Contact - Philip Dawson 861890


Meet 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 8pm in the Welton Room, Welton Village Hall, or the church vestry in Welton or Dunholme, followed by a relaxing hour in the Welton Social Club. Contact Stuart Darlison or Peter Everett - Tel: 861253


Supplies of assorted cards, books and gifts will normally be on display in church on Sunday. Also in the Mustard Seed from November - January.
All proceeds to Smarty's Club and Conquerors.
Run by Pam Beattie (Tel: 863408) and Paul Cartwright.(Tel; 862337)