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The Parish Office,
7 Lincoln Road,
Lincoln LN2 3HZ

Tel/Fax: 01673860336

E-mail: info@weltonpc.fsbusiness.co.uk


Office opening hours:
Monday-Friday 9.30am-3.00pm Closed Thursdays
These hours change occasionally in the event of non-availability of staff


Chairman of the Council Cllr Ian Turvey
Vice Chairman of the Council Cllr Karl Kay
Chairman of Finances and General Purposes Cllr Ian Turvey
Chairman of Manor Park Committee Cllr Brian Whitehead
Chairman of Planning and Housing Cllr Ian Turvey
Chairman of Highways and Utilities Cllr Eddie Reall
Chairman of Environment and Heritage Cllr Dick Pickett
Chairman of Publications Cllr Mrs Marlene Chapman

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Planning applications:

Copies of all planning applications for the Parish of Welton are sent to the Council Office. Councillors and members of the public are entitled to submit any comments they may wish to make on these applications to West Lindsey District Council Planning Services. Letters notifying of applications are displayed on the Parish Noticeboards, outside the office and Costcutters, Ryland Bridge. Copies of all submitted paperwork and plans can be viewed in the office either on Saturday mornings, or during the week when the office is open. An appointment to view the plans can also be made by telephoning 01673 860336. An answerphone is in operation if the Clerk is unavailable. The Parish Office retains records of all planning applications submitted during the previous five years and these can also be viewed, by prior arrangement.



Parish Council Meetings 2004

Welton Room, Village Hall, Ryland Road

All meetings commence at 7.30p.m.

These meetings are open to the public. Prior to the official start of the meeting, 15 min. is allowed for informal discussion between members of the public and the council. Any relevant matters could, if required, become agenda items at a future meeting. Members of the public cannot participate in the meeting.

  Monday 12th July

  No meeting in August

Monday 19th April
(Annual Parish Meeting followed by the Council meeting.


Monday 13th September

Monday 10th May
(Annual Meeting of the Council)

  Monday 11th October

Monday 21st June


Monday 8th November

    Monday 13th December

Committee meetings are advertised on the Parish Noticeboard outside the Parish Office and Costcutters, Ryland Bridge. Minutes of Council and Committee meetings can be viewed in Welton library, or on request at the Council office.



Chairman’s Annual Report 2003


Once again, it has been a very busy year with many items under consideration – some controversial, others less so. Last May the Council’s views were sought on a proposed centre for asylum seekers at Hemswell Cliff. Although Welton was not directly affected, there were public concerns and the Council wrote to West Lindsey District Council and the Home Office expressing strong reservations about the issue. Fortunately, as we now know, these proposals have been shelved.

June saw the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. The Council provided commemorative mugs for all Welton children attending St. Mary’s Primary School and these were presented at a Street party held on the school playing field on 31 May. Rose beds containing Queen Elizabeth and Prince William roses were also planted at the entrance to Manor Park, although as recently reported in the Welton News, it didn't take long for some public-minded citizen to remove some of the bushes. These have recently been replaced and we have resisted the temptation to concrete them in!

In July, following representations from residents of The Grove regarding stones being thrown into their gardens, arrangements were made to remove the stones from the side of the access road to the village playing field and replace them with grass. This appears to have resolved the problems that were being experienced.

Once again, Welton entered the Calor Gas Village of the Year Competition but unfortunately did not progress beyond the first round. Whilst the majority of residents take great pride in the appearance of both their own homes and the surrounding area, we still have some people who have little community spirit and are quite happy to deposit their litter for someone else to clean up. I doubt this will ever change.

Further safety surfacing has been installed on the village playing field and we are currently awaiting finalisation of an arrangement for Stamford Homes to dismantle one of the older climbing frames and provide a replacement, together with appropriate safety surfacing, as part of a development agreement with West Lindsey District Council. Also presently in the pipeline are repairs and renovation work to the existing Logworld.

The Village Design Statement has now been finalised and adopted by West Lindsey District Council. The Parish Council is in the process of making hard copies of the document, which will then be available for public inspection and circulation to the District and County Councils. A number of Welton residents have worked extremely hard to produce this document and they have done an excellent job. I think we all owe them a debt of gratitude for the time and effort they put in to this project, which we hope will be to Welton’s benefit if further development is being considered at any time.

Last October, the Clerk, Cllr Laws and I attended the Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils, held at Horncastle. I personally found it extremely interesting and informative, as there were workshops on various subjects. Between us, we attended all the workshops and therefore gained the maximum amount of information.

Manor Park continues to run reasonably smoothly and is being used much more. Unfortunately, there have been problems with field drainage over the winter months due to the very wet weather, which the Council is currently investigating. Thanks must go to the Manor Park Sports Club, Supervisor, staff and members who are working extremely hard on behalf of the facility.

The Council is presently engaged on several ongoing projects. As mentioned last year, the Council is looking for suitable land for a new cemetery. Progress has been made and a possible site identified, but to date no option to purchase has yet been agreed. Following representations made by parishioners and the issue of a questionnaire in the “Welton News”, the Council has identified a definite requirement for some form of Sunday transport, following the withdrawal of the previous bus service. Several councillors met with a representative from Translinc, other villages are presently being consulted with a view to any scheme involving the surrounding area, and further information will be publicised via the Welton News and/or Council meetings once any progress is made. The Council is also currently investigating the possible introduction of some form of annual community award. The Highways and Utilities Committee is in talks with Lincolnshire County Council with regard to possible traffic calming measures in the centre of the village. Once any firm plans are available, arrangements will be made for public consultation and comment on any proposals put forward.

The possibility of the erection of wind turbines in the area is also causing much debate in the parish, but as yet there have been no firm proposals put forward by Star Energy. The Parish Council has debated this issue and whilst it is wholly in favour of renewable energy, the majority of councillors felt that the proposed location of these structures was inappropriate.

It was with great regret that in October I received the resignation of Cllr Bill Jones due to family commitments and I must thank him for the support he gave me over the last two years in his position as Vice-Chairman. Cllr Eddie Reall was subsequently elected as his replacement and is proving to be an equally helpful and efficient "right hand man". During the course of the year, three other councillors unfortunately decided to resign due to personal or business reasons. Our two newest co-opted members have settled in very well – the other position has only just become vacant and will be filled by co-option at the May meeting of the Council, all being well. The Clerical Assistant, Mrs Linda Hands, also left for pastures new last April after three years with us and although sorry to see her go as she had worked extremely hard, the Council wished her well in her new appointment.

My grateful thanks go to our Clerk and Proper Officer, Trisha Carter, who ensures that the Council is always operating in a correct manner and without whose help this job would be almost impossible. Along with her new assistant, Mrs Lindsey Westman, who joined the team in late September, she keeps everything running smoothly. Thank you Trisha for your advice and support.
In conclusion, I must pay tribute to my fellow councillors for the work that they do – unpaid and, for the most part, without thanks. As I said last year, it is not easy being a councillor. There are procedures that must be followed, rules and regulations which must be obeyed (for our own good, I hasten to add) and whatever decisions are taken, will always please some but not others. We can only do our best. Thank you to all of you for your help and support.

Cllr Mrs Marlene Chapman




Welton..I Remember is a compilation of photographs and memories of people and events in the village of Welton by Lincoln. Rather than historical fact, the text records the recollections of village residents past and present. The photographs, most of which have been kindly donated over the years, are quality reproductions from the collection held by Welton Parish Council.

Produced in quality glossy paperback, A4 portrait format, with 121 pages.

Price: £7.50 plus £2 post & packing.

Welton Diary of a Century
charts, by year, some of the more notable events in the village from 1900 to 2000. Sympathetically collated from local sources, it records for posterity the events of everyday life which, for better or worse, have affected the village over 100 years. As well as text, this publication contains in excess of 130 photographs illustrating these events.

Produced in quality glossy paperback, A4 landscape format, with 116 pages.

Price: £10.99 plus £2 post & packing.

SPECIAL OFFER: Both Titles for £15 plus £4 post & packing

Terms available for quantities of 5 copies or more. Please contact 01673 860336 for details.

Both publications available from: Welton Parish Council, 7 Lincoln Road, Welton, Lincoln, LN2 3HZ Telephone & Fax 01673 860336

Please make cheques payable to: Welton Parish Council.