The Police

The Nettleham Police HQ have a wide range of booklets on Crime Prevention, full of accurate information, advice, and tips to beat the burglar, beat the internet chatrooms and protect your property and possessions

Contact Welton Police Station 01673 860222 when closed, Lincoln 01522882222
or The Crime Prevention Officer at Nettleham Police HQ, PO Box 999, Lincoln LN5 7PH
Fax 01522 532222
Tel 01522 558229

Lincolnshire Police Website

Neighbourhood Watch



Inspector Ken Meanwell is the Crime Reduction Officer for Lincolnshire Police
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Look after your Home and Beat the Burglar

A brilliant leaflet absolutely packed with information, tips and contact telephone numbers

Every home should get a copy!


Jam packed with vital "self-preservation" tips and advice

Join the self-preservation society...!

Vital advice to reduce the chance of being attacked-and how to deal with the situation if it happens to you!