Dog bins and litter bins: update Jan 2006

Dog bins

At long last, after three years, we have new dog bins on Honeyholes Lane, by Dunholme Village Hall-three days after my email to WLDC. Thankyou very much, WLDC: very much appreciated.

This is a metal bin. All dogbins should be metal, domehead antitamper nuts on the outside to prevent dismantling, metal to avoid blowtorching, locked to avoid vandalism.
Congratulations, West Lindsay.

On the Ryland Road S&SC field, all bins have exposed 1/2" nuts-easily undone. One near the S&SC is still flimsy plastic, easily blowtorched. Welton Parish Council obviously have no say in the specification. Umpteen metal poles still remain-no thought given to minimalistic planning and placement of these items...

Litter bins

We have unfortunately got the cheaper concrete fragile litter bins, easily broken by a well- aimed hobnail boot or timber spar. They were installed fitted with roofs, but these were instantly removed-allegedly because they did not fit. Phil and Roger confided that they were unlikeky to be returned.

[I believe WPC or the WLDC emptier demanded "no rooves" because they are cheaper and easier to empty if they are unlocked and unroofed. It is crazy to have no rooves-we have just replaced like with like-dogs and foxes can still get in too easily.

Glasdon "Burton Waters" type [which I suggested to WLDC and WPC] would have been far more durable, attractive and classier, but WPC does not do "class", merely cheap!


The one on the Village Green looks totally out of place in a Conservation area in the centre of the village!!!

The bin we should have by Glasdon, as at Burton Waters
The new "council estate" bin, as installed-with roof
The old bin-too low, no roof

No roof
-?because the WLDC emptier demands "no lock, no roof"?

-?because its cheaper?

Halehluya!!! We now have rooves back!!!

Present count: one lid gone already! If you use a gas key to lock them...