Congratulations Page


Congratulations to Geoff Croft whose Welton Improvement Trust has singlehandedly steered the long efforts to a brilliant conclusion, and to the generosity of Hugh Gildiffer and the Welton News for funding these signs!

Highways design should now provide reflective standard signs 30yards before these out of poll tax! They now have five less signs to provide and maintain!


Congratulations to Welton Parish Council for arranging a dedicated litter-picker, who is doing a great job picking up all the old litter down Church Lane, the Social Club and towards Costcutters.

Why is not Support Team Lincoln doing this, as thoughout Lincolnshire, from our poll tax??? Why has Welton been neglected hitherto?

Yippee!!! New bins with roof, drainholes, easily emptied,

9.00pm no roofs left...!!!


Heyup! The rooves are back!

A very useful bit of Lincolnshire with planted quickthorn.

Thanks to Roger & Phil for their efforts, and WLDC/LCC for their fencing


Strong, sturdy, not easily broken...

The mudbath has been filled in

How long before the delivery lorries drive onto it?


Two days-it seems to be not brewery lorries, but Support Team vans.

We need proper soakaways, honeycomb paving here.