Telephone wiring for broadband

The usual setup was to have a separate filter for each telephone. I had a lot of noise on phone lines, which disappeared when I removed the master socket faceplate and plugged the router into a filter plugged into the test socket

If you suspect the BT backplate of a fault-a new replacement can easily be fitted-but is theoretically a BT engineer job: soldering required….
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If the noise disappears when using the internal BT master socket test socket, then it is a good upgrade to buy a combined filter faceplate-which has a RJ9 for the modem, and a RJ11 for a phone, but has one integral filter, removing the need for a separate filter on each phone-although one (or two, three) can be added if required. Individual filters can become ineffective, so try replacing with a brand new tested filter.

Hard of hearing phones:

Amplicoms Powertel 50 Alarm plus (and only this model), is a very effective amplified phone (for deaf aid users without deaf aids).

Big button mobile phones for the disabled

Do not buy the Blue Chip big button phone from Tesco
It is very flimsy, cheap and nasty-made in China.
The ergonomics are terrible-about ten keystrokes to add a contact

It gives an error message file failure and locks up

There is no manufacturers website telling how to do a hard reset, and Tesco spend a full thirty minutes trying to solve the problem.
Tesco refuse a refund after 28 days, and insist on a manufacturer repair.
Do not buy this phone

Far better is this-the Maxikey by Aspect-Two

or, cheaper,
this phone by Aspect-Two

I suggest using only T-Mobile SIM PAYG cards-easily top-up able at Tesco, Coop etc

Orange & Vodafone PAYG’s often cannot be topped up at supermarkets, only online.