Welton lies about seventeen miles to the North East of Lincoln, has gas, broadband and all necessary facilities-St Marys Church, William Farr Beacon School, (one of the very best schools in the area)
The Black Bull pub, Welton Health Centre, Dentist, Co-op, Post Office, off-license
and chemist, Newsagents.
Its population is approximately 4,500, and has its own local Welton News publication, published monthly, a brilliant publication, which contains many Parish Council matters.

Special mention should be made of the hard-working Health Centre Staff, the Post Office staff, Post men and women, and the Pharmacy staff who give such helpful and friendly service.


The jewel in the crown is William Farr School-which attracts many parents to Welton, being one of the best schools in the country.
Under the leadership of Paul Strong, and the dedicated staff and teachers, William Farr has achieved brilliance over the past few years.

St Marys School is Weltons primary school


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Written to Sir Edward Leigh, MP

The Governments Intentional Breakup of the NHS

The NHS should not be destroyed by Lansleys Social Care Act-which was merely a prelude to privatising more services under TTIP. It allows private companies to tender for NHS services, and more private treatment within NHS hospitals.

Private Finance Initiatives are evil-enabling governments to get capital expenditure "off the books"-but at crippling costs to the Trusts-formed to allow "Business dealings" between purchaser/provider. They allow "failing" Trust Hospitals to be closed. They are not "failing", but castrated by PFI...

Either fund the NHS properly by ring-fenced NHI contributions or Tax -which would have to rise

or admit you want to allow the NHS to wither on the vine (like NHS Dentistry...) and ration and remove some services and procedures

The Clinical Commissioning Groups are merely a clever way to allow regions to refuse to provide some services and procedures, and discard unsuitable patients
Social care should be paid for by tax-as in Sweden-a civilised country that cares for its elerly sympathetically

Keogh's plan to shut A & E departments is complete insanity!

Show some balls and speak out forcefully!!!


Steve Sanford




Just an opinion-

Be very wary of Hotpoint products! We have had many early faults with fridges, freezers, dishwashers. A neighbours dishwasher flamed and burned.

Be very wary of any HP products. We have has three HP Colour Laserjets-all failed very quickly-asnd there is NO HP repair network, many rippoff agents!


Warning:We accepted a quotation of £3520.80 for a straightforwards garden wall rebuild, by Boss Construction.
The final submitted bill was £2000 above this.
Always get a signed contract stating “Quotation accepted as a fixed price contract of £xxxx” and never leave everything to trust and openness


the least expensive download and legitimate serial for Win 7 and Win 10 full install-does not freeze at "getting upadates" of the upgrade method

Download-burn a disk-install


OE Classic-the replacement for OE on your xp computer-import all folders and contacts



Colditz fence

After the brave attempt to keep rabbits contained within Willy Farr woods-currently totally neglected and unmanaged over the last twenty years-with fallen trees blocking the best dog walking footpaths- and away from the farmer’s crops, with an electric fence
a new fence has been erected at enormous expense, with several new gates, each with keypad locks, but no razor wire as yet; the contractor has retired to the Caymans…

The perimeter boundary of Willy Farr is, like Afghanistan’s, long, un-patrol able and porous

Is the fence
-to keep rabbits in-there is a six inch gap at the bottom, and no notices ordering the rabbits to not go round the end

-to keep the public and madmen out

-to keep the inmates in

-or is it the governments brave new attempt to provide an immigrant Hilton camp to better the French miserable effort

-to keep Dunholme and Nettleham invaders out

-dog walkers are always the first to discover bodies: who can find the dispatched pupils or teachers now

-to mark the bouindary of the new affordable building development by Honeyholes Lane

I offer a bottle of Southern Comfort to the first to divulge the key code
The panels can easily be dismantled with a cinqfoil 5mm star key…
and many new openings have already been formed by inventive dog walkers through the Beck Hall estate and football pitches

Keep your dog off the pitches, clean up after your dog, keep on a lead and there is no need for this pointless fence: take down the fence!!!


Make time to donate blood in Lincolnshire this summer

Blood donor session will be held on:

Friday 4th September 2015
William Farr School
Lincoln Road, Welton

12:30-15:30 & 16:30-19:30

Please call the number below to book
an appointment for this session or alternatively visit www.blood.co.uk

Now that summer is here with people spending time away from home, NHS Blood and Transplant is reminding people in Lincolnshire of the importance of taking the time to donate blood.

Some blood group stocks can dip in the summer and with red blood cells only having a shelf life of 35 days and platelets a shelf life of five days, blood cannot be stockpiled. Because of this, it is important that both existing and new blood donors come forward during the summer months, so we can ensure that vital supplies of blood are available for the patients that need them.

Currently 6,000 units of blood are needed everyday to help save the lives of sick and injured patients across England and North Wales. For some patients who have severe blood loss, such as those who have complications in childbirth or a traffic accident, a blood transfusion can make the difference between life and death.

Amanda Eccles, Senior Marketing Coordinator at NHS Blood and Transplant said:

"We realise that when the schools break for summer that there are holidays and days out planned and it can be easy to put off giving blood. We’re asking you try to keep your appointment if at all possible but if you can’t, then please let us know by calling 0300 123 23 23 so that your appointment can be offered to someone else.

"There is also a bank holiday at the end of August, making a date to donate and keeping your appointment even more important as this is another time of year when blood donation can dip."

Every blood donation is vital, but NHS Blood and Transplant particularly needs to ensure supplies of the universal blood group O Rh Negative which is often in short supply as demand is so great. We also need to ensure supplies of the rarer blood groups A Rh Negative, B Rh Negative and AB Rh Negative as these are also vulnerable to shortfall.

In general, as long as you are fit and healthy, weigh over 7 stone 12 lbs (50kg) and are aged between 17 and 66 (up to 70 if you have given blood before) you should be able to give blood. If you are over 70, you need to have given blood in the last two years to continue donating.

To book an appointment to donate visit www.blood.co.uk or call 0300 123 23 23 to find your nearest session.

It is also easy to book through mobile apps for Windows, Android and Apple devices. To download the app, search 'NHSGiveBlood' in the app store.




This government are shoehorning through a secret TIPP agreement between the EU and the USA and Canada
It allows the big private U S corporations to sue governments in secret courts if they are disallowed from bidding to provide private services to the NHS, already softened up by the HSCA act.


Many people agree that this is a step towards NHS privatisation which is harmful and will result in big costs.

Please write to your MP Edward Leigh, Email Edward Leigh MP

and join 38 degrees, a lobby website fighting many harmful projects which will harm the NHS
(Lewisham A & E closure, etc Centralisation of A & E into massive centres, closing local A & E etc Keogh)


Spare a thought for our hardworking post men & women: for years they deliver our mail, letters and even large parcels, through hail and scorching heat. Mail arrived on the dot at 11.00am.

Now they have been ordered to use a van to the head of each road, and push a trolley, rather than use their bikes-ostensibly because of "health and safety": ridiculous!!!

My belief is that this is a privatised management strategy to push employees into early retirement, to reduce numbers & costs... As a result, we have to collect large parcels, and mail often not arrive until the late afternoon.



Welton Library
Lincolnshire County Council propose to close Welton Library and run a mobile substitute.
Poll Tax can rise, or cuts be made.
Welton library should not be closed-if savings are deemed to be necessary, reduced hours or opening days are infinitely preferable to closure-once closed, it may never reopen.
Surely our new library deserves a reprieve from the cuts deemed necessary to reverse the mad spending of yesteryear.Write to the Leader and members of LCC to suggest NO CLOSURE, and fill in the Welton Parish Council's survey.


Re Keogh's "One A&E, neonatal, maternity centre" for all Lincolnshire

A & E needs to be local: travel to Grantham, Boston, Gainsborough is mentally crazy. This is nothing to do with patient safety, more about saving money:

if government fund these departments well enough, providing enough
Consultants, Doctors, Nurses, and ration frivolities, then A & E can provide
trusted high quality local care. I would want to be stabilised quickly at
Lincoln, rather than drive miles in an ambulance to Grantham or Boston or

Government has already wrecked Neonatal, A & E, Maternity care in Lincoln.

The website 38 degrees has fought in the Courts to stop Jeremy Hunt closing Lewisham A & E-Lincoln could be



Warning to anybody using Valentine Retail Park carpark for Next, TKMax, The Range, Asda.
The carpark landowner uses Parking Eye to issue "demands for payment" of £80 if you inadvertantly overstay the 3 hour limit. Most shoppers are blissfully unaware there is any limit. MoneySavingExpert.com has a forum on ParkingEye. I understand the key is whether any signs exist easily readable by an average astute parker. Their cameras cannot prove who was in the car. Most people simply pay up.Their "invoices" are not a fine (dolled up to look like a police letter.) Has this ever been tested in court-if the notices are not clear and visible. MoneySavingsExpert's advice is to ignore-but you need to be brave, ask for a POPLA code within 35days.
Beware, boycott, write to the store managers, boycott...Use Amazon!


This year 's pantomime production of Cinderella was superb and enjoyable. The
entire cast were vivacious and professional. The staging of a pantomime is
always ambitious, but the complex scene changes were exemplary, the sound
system brilliant, and a credit to this ambitious amateur company.
Full credit to the cast, producer, scene builders, backstage team, always
difficult on a small village hall stage, and effects teams: do not fail to
go to the next production!



The Government's new NHS reorganisation Bill is far more threatening than the Government is prepared to let on...

Copy of Telegraph article by Max Pemberton


There are few pieces of legislation that have caused such debate, furore and confusion as the Health and Social Care Bill. Since I started writing about it more than a year ago, I have received many letters and emails about it. Readers are concerned - but also deeply confused. They are not alone. Fellow medics, managers and nurses have cornered me in the hospital canteen and quizzed me about it. I have even been invited by members of the House of Lords to meet and explain it to them. I am not surprised that people are confused. I’ve spent many hours immersed in the Bill and in the subsequent amendments, drafts, briefings, notes and critiques and I can attest that it is a particularly complex and obtuse piece of legislation - and about three times the length of the 1946 Bill that brought the NHS into existence.
But if this Bill is passed, it will lead to the most extensive reorganisation of the NHS ever undertaken, so I think it’s vital that everyone understands it so they can decide for themselves if this is what they want for the NHS. The Bill addresses the way that the structure and delivery of health care in England (although not Scotland or Wales) is organised and managed. It eradicates the Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities, introduces a new structure and gives existing organisations such as Monitor (an “economic regulator”, see below) and local authorities additional powers.
Let me make clear: I am not ideologically wedded to a nationalised health service. My only concerns are that access to health care is affordable for all and that it is equitable. For me, it is a fundamental part of living in a fair, just society that all members are free from the fear of destitution should illness befall them. When a cohort of people live in the shadow of the fear of sickness, society is impoverished and weakened. The reason I support the NHS is because countless pieces of international research have shown it to be the fairest and cheapest way of providing health care. If another model is proposed that improves on this, then I am all for it. My concern is that this Bill and its subsequent amendments fail to safeguard the core principle of universal and equitable access to care provided by the state, and the duty the Secretary of State for Health has in ensuring and protecting this. To help Telegraph readers assess the implication of the Bill, I am devoting my column this week to highlighting my main areas of concern:
The role of the Secretary of State for Health
Until now, the health of the nation has ultimately been the responsibility of the government, with ministers directly accountable for providing or securing a comprehensive NHS. There are various parts of the Bill that either directly or indirectly alter this. Under the Bill, no single person and no single organisation will be responsible for meeting all the health care needs of all the people living in England or specifying the services to which they are entitled. A number of different bodies will have the power to determine the health care you can receive through the NHS.
Clinical Commissioning Groups and local authorities
The power to determine the services that make up the NHS will be transferred from the Secretary of State to newly created Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), which are unelected. Members will include GPs but also company chief executives who can, if they wish, outsource decisions about the appropriate level of services offered to companies with commercial interests. This is what the Government means when it says it is handing GPs £60 billion of NHS money. Services such as mental health provision, facilities for pregnant women, preventive medicine, aftercare and services for children could be substantially reduced by this power to save money, generate revenue or redirect patients into the for-profit sector. In addition, the Government is planning to establish a parallel health service whereby some services, including screening, immunisation and vaccination will be handed to local authorities with the discretion to decide what will be provided, and to whom. This means that some services that were formerly free on the NHS may become chargeable, as undeT\h«se changes, CCGs and local authorities will have the power to make unilateral decisions about what can and can’t be provided.
Many of the Government’s current powers and responsibilities for health care will be handed over to an economic regulator known as Monitor. This quango is composed of unelected and unaccountable individuals. It will not have overarching responsibility - which the Government does currently - to ensure that everyone’s health needs are met. Instead, one of its main concerns is economic viability. It will have the power to decide, on purely financial grounds, if an area loses its existing range of hospital services, such as A&E departments, with no duty to consider alternative provision.
Patient care
With so many different providers of health care created under this Bill, those with complex health care needs may not receive the joined-up medical care that the NHS now works hard to provide. Also, providers will come and go over time, as services prove themselves to be viable revenue generators or not. This risks disruption and confusion for patients with a marked discontinuity of care. Less profitable patients - those requiring complex levels of care from multiple individuals and areas of expertise, for example - may be sidelined by these private companies.
The Risk Register
The Government has already conducted an assessment of the financial and public health risks of implementing this Bill in a document called the “Risk Register” but has so far refused to release this information for independent analysis. On November 2 2011,
the Information Commissioner ruled that the Risk Register relating to the Bill should be released. The Government has refused and has launched an appeal against the decision, further fuelling suspicion as to what it contains.


Despite the political rhetoric, nowhere in the Bill does it actually state that GPs are required to do the commissioning or purchasing of services in the new market In reality, it is likely that few will be able to show the necessary competence in the highly technical business of buying health care. Instead, the Bill allows CCGs tocontract out commissioning functions to private accountancy, health insurance and management consultant firms, which will be able to decide what care is provided free at the point of use through the NHS and what is not. This means that profit-making companies will be able to provide your clinical care and also decide what you’re entitled to under the NHS and from which care providers. Companies will also design and set the care targets that doctors must meet. There is the potential for commercial conflicts when the needs of shareholders come between doctors and patients.

Community services, hospitals and private patients

Providers, too, can reduce levels of service provision and entitlement to NHS-funded care and there are no restrictions on charging for non-NHS care. The “autonomy clause” in the Bill gives CCGs and providers extraordinary freedom. We have already seen some CCGs refuse operations for obese patients, despite national guidelines stating their obesity should not preclude them. The Bill also increases the current cap placed on hospitals regarding the amount of income they can generate from privately paying patients. Now, up to 49 per cent of income can be generated from private income. This means that almost half the beds currently used for NHS care could be given over to private patients. This could create a two-tier system in hospitals and drain resources, as well as create a conflict of interest, with hospitals having a clear incentive to encourage as many patients as possible to use the private half of their facilities. Moreover, hospitals can decide when to discharge patients. The requirement for coordinated discharge and aftercare of patients between health and social care is abolished in the Bill.
The Government has tried to silence critics of the Bill by claiming they are distorting or misrepresenting the legislation. But the points I’ve raised are in the detail of the Bill, there in black and white, for all to see. It might be that none of this concerns you - or you may be horrified. Whatever your political leanings, health status or experiences of the NHS, it is YOUR health service and I believe you have the right to be informed about what the proposals set out in this Bill will mean for the NHS. I think most people simply want a health care system that is there for them when they need it, that provides good, efficient service and that treats them with dignity and respect. They want a fair, just system that looks after everyone, regardless of their ability to pay or the complexity of their needs. I shall leave it to you to decide whether this Bill is safeguarding what has, until now, been the ruling principle of one our most valuable institutions - the NATIONAL Health Service.

Parking in Welton
At peak shopping times, (and during parent parking on Lincoln Road, pickup from William Farr) parking in Welton can become tedious, due to lack of parking provision for the enlarged Coop, Post Office, Health Centre, Newsagents, hairdressers etc. Very occasionally, it makes perfect common sense to park half on the verge to avoid blocking HGV's and buses.
In summer, with care, little harm is caused to the grass, but the letter of the law says "do not park within 30yards of a junction" (fine is only £30, no points)
If a fire engine or ambulance is blocked, they will probably barge your car out of the way; if a bus is blocked, the police may be called.
Pedestrians with prams should equally use care, common sense and understanding: with a bit of give and take, this should never become a problem...


SCAM WARNING: Do not touch emusic.com with a bargepole! They offer "legal" music downloads with a free trial, but take money £25) from your credit card every month...Cancel your credit card and get a replacement! You will never recover your losses!!!


Apologies for my absence-Octagon Technology (who also host Welton Parish Councils sites...) claimed I did not own www.welton-village.org.uk anymore.
It is easy to get your domain retagged so you control it, not Octagon Tech. I can host sites for no charge

Do visit Whisby Nature Park restaurant and gift shop: turn right after the right turn to Whisby Garden Centre) www.naturalworldcentre.com

David Cameron asks what makes us unhappy-this would make us happy!

In times of severe previously mismanaged UK overdraft, it seems to me that a 10% rise in taxes, and 10% spending cuts, No "if's", no "buts", would result in far less redundancies: Canada and Australia did this years ago, and have far less severe problems now. Everybody in the same boat means 10% pay cut for everybody…no redundancies. Every person could handle a 10% cut in pay-less tax to pay also...


The present "bit by bit" approach can be critisised as being political manipulation, and each and every decision is challenged by different interest groups. 10% accross the board is a far better strategy.

Scrapping submarines, aircraft carriers, Nimrod, Harrier seems ridiculously short-sighted: mothball 10% until we require them again-when Argentina decides to try again for the Falklands...

Food production should be encouraged by UK farmers: less tax, more tax relief for investment, higher profit margins controlled by the NFU, not the supermarkets...

We should stop free movement within the EU: we have already too many people in the UK, and in the world: a birth control incentive is urgently required. Food and water are in short supply already...., and stop free EU immigration, reopen our border immigration controls. We are an island, best placed to stop terrorism.

We have not enough money to keep rail, air and roads operating in severe winters: stop bleating and do the best we can-snow tyres, fwd or 4wd Buy bags of cement and adopt a pothole!
Local village supermarkets should have 4WD trucks, nor artics for severe winter use. Each village should have one miniplough /gritter for pavements, one snowplough/gritter for side streets.
Don't expect air or rail to operate insevere winters: you are stupid to live far from work. Only drive if essential services.
Swedish airports invest in stateof the art sweeper/snowploughs which leave a de-iced pure clean black tarmac runway… How can we trust a broke Spanish company to run Heathrow!!!
Mini snowploughs should clear and grit the pavements-when we have enough funds
Major snow ploughs should clear all village roads
Get a FWD car with snow tyres, or 4WD…
Ambulances should have a few 4WD vehicles

In times economic mismanagement, use any available money to save essential NHS services-like neonatal,
maternity, cancer, emergency.

Dealing with FIFA is a lottery-like Eurovision, not logical. We should not
waste money on further bids.
Some "fans" are evil.

The Olympic Games should be an exercise in frugality...

The UK should reassess whether the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are ever winnable: like Vietnam, that unwinnable war was meant to cease the spread of communism, these unwinnable wars are supposed to reduce the spread of anti West terrorism The Taliban and Iran will return when we leave, having terrorised the locals to pretend to accept the West, but revert to habit when we leave. The countrie's borders are too expansive to prevent influx of terroriosts, the area too vast to stop terrorism when the populace are subject to amputations and worse...

If US and UK forces act against the enemy contravening regulations, morally, we do not have the upper hand. Torture is wrong. Wrong treatment of war suspewcts is wrong.
Our superb forces cannot fight when they have to “obey” crazy restrictions wrt civilian populations…and are subject to US “diplomatic” sniping

Repeal the all day drinking hours to reduce binge drinking-return to licensing hours-plus 1 hour for restaurants, and ban 24 hour drinking.

Repeal the devolution laws-all the UK should have one government, same NHS fees, old age care system, tuition fees etc. Sweden pays higher taxes to look after it's aged population. OAPs should not have to sell their homes to buy care.

Foreign policy wrt Libya is too important to be devolved to amateurs in devolved assemblies…

The US should not reveal secrets: some nutter like Wikileaks will always publish them….
The founder of W should face the law if he has done anything illegal

We should choose and keep our allies more carefully:-keep the US, NATO, ditch France (!), Russia and the EU…
We should reverse devolution, unite the UK, perhaps unite Ireland

The police should reduce minor hassle cases for motoring, concentrate on the important crimes

We need more nuclear power, import less gas and oil.

We should all do less motoring, keep older cars, refuse to buy new cars

We should stop the “digital switchover”: FM radio is highest quality: we should not sell off airwave frequencies to gain Urdu/Swahili rado stations!Why ditch all FM car and house radios for a poorer DAB One or DAB Two "service" (sic)


My own opinion is that as a bankrupt nation, we cannot have everything that is desireable-many services and benefits will decline until solvency is regained.

Canada and Australia made 10%+ cuts, and increased tax by 10%+. Such firm unequivacal action saved their economies: factional arguments, demonstrations and arguments are pointless and divisive.

We must each show charity to the unfortunate, support them by giving homes food and shelter until the balance sheet improves.

The owner of Kedgeree, Welton's own very special fish restaurant, is attempting to climb Kilimanjero in October,
to raise funds for The Fisherman's Mission
Please donate generously at www.justgiving.com/Nigel-Tindall

The Black Bull

The Black Bull is now at full potential: the food, friendliness, ambience are all very high.


Please try The Black Bull and help ensure their continued success-and please recommend The Black Bull to your friends.

Tel 01673 860220 blackbullwelton@aol.com

(courtesy of The Welton News-an awsome little village magazine)

St Mary's Church, Welton

St Mary's is a very attractive church set in its own grounds,right in the heart of the village and has a number of interesting features including
one of the earliest stained glass windows dedicated to the men and women of the RAF,the RFC and the RNFC.(circa 1919)
Village benefactor and physician Dr Richard Smith, who was physician to Lord Burleigh at the court of Elizabeth 1st and founder of the Christ's Hospital, Lincoln is also commemorated by stained
glass windows as well as a memorial in the churchyard.
The church holds a Coffee Shop each Tuesday morning from 10.00am to 12.00pm in the vestry. (Courtesy of Cof E website)

The Village Pump, Welton

The Rednil Riding Stables

Old Welton from the Church Tower