Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen and sixpence, result happiness.
Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and sixpence, result misery
David Copperfield 1850


Either we raise poll taxes, or cut expenditure. We should do the basics well, delete fanciful luxuries.

We all pay about 50% of our income in taxes. We should concentrate on the basics-
poor dogbins show uncaring neglect
poor litter bins and litter louts show no pride
untrimmed mudbath verges and uncut hedges show no pride
derelict Welton roadsigns and disused abandoned buildings show no pride.


We should have achieveable aims-we cannot win Best kept Village if we are not the Best kept village.

It is time to stop petty point scoring and the PC work with us to improve Welton. If the PC do not want to work with us, we have no hope



Why are a very few youngsters anti-social?

Parenting is a hard job that needs talent and instinct-plus your parents input! Some mothers and fatherts have a low self-esteem, cannot develop a good discipline and education to avoid littering, avoid smoking, avoid drinking, avoid anti-social swearing and abuse, vandalism and showoff traits like revvy scooter riding, boasting and macho behaviour. Some parents allow bad behaviour just to avoid rows and disagreements, some kids show no respect.

Its not big, its not clever to throw beer cans, fish and chip boxes, sweet wrappers...

Parents-please make sure your children are not anti-social and proud of their village.

The theory goes that youngsters with no education feel angry with themselves. Go to colledge, get qualifications, apprenticeships...

If youngsters feel no chance of getting a house on a mortgage, they may feel that it is right to get plastered and vandalise: have pride in our village, and exert pressures for more young people's facilities-discos, youth clubs, meeting cafes etc.

Some youngsters have hyperactivity syndromes, some attention deficit syndromes and need psychiatric care and counselling

Lincolnshire's psychiatrists are overstretched, underfunded and considered the Cinderellas of the NHS by government

but real antisocial behaviour drags down the other 95% of our brilliant children, and undervalues their hard work and good behaviour in the village, at school, college and university.

Is it good for children to see adults heavy drinking, fighting, loud behaviour when they are drunk? This shows them that it is acceptable and normal to argue, overdrink, smoke and shout...

The French have more sense-they bring their children into restaurants, eat with little drink, and their kids know how to behave from an early age.



The base lending rate has been far too low for years. A highewr rate would encourage savers, and keep house prices low. If its costs little to bid ten/twenty thousand pounds higher for a house, then house prices soar as if Momopoly money. Kids without good parenting who have bunked off school know they have no chance of buying even a 2low price" house, and the theory goes, turn to antisocial behaviour, drunken loutish vandalism to prove they can "rebel"

We must give our wasters hope that they can reform, go to college, get a job and eventually become a decent member of society...