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In a previous life I ran a one-man campaign to try and save NHS dentistry.
I wanted the profession, and patients, to unite and argue with government the case for a good basic dental NHS
-accurate reimbursement of each dentists expenses
-the case for removal of some of the more expensive/luxurious procedures available under the dental NHS if government decided it could not afford a comprehensive service.
-the case for increasing the individual fees to allow a slower caring best practice rate of working
Professional establishment politicians carried on in their sellout of NHS dentistry and let it wither on the vine by refusing to fund this out of taxation.



Similarly, profesional local politicians defend their establishment and gather their allies to "rubbish" my simple aims
-to encourage parents to bring up their chioldren well, not vandalise, not drop litter bottles and cans
-to provide, maintain and empty enough dogbins and encourage dog owners to pick up their poo
-to provide, maintain and empty enough covered deep litter bins and encourage youngsters to clear up their litter
-to carry outr simple, cheap improvement works to the Coop, Doctors, library, chemist car park area with railings and dwarf walls
and improve the many existing eyesores better before new clever schemes

I am not going to be swayed from this by the Parish Council and Welton News crew trying to lean on me...





About three years ago a member of the Parish Council, Peter Harrold had the idea of a village web site, mainly as a community service, as a notice board and for local businesses
to promote their services.

Peter put a notice in the February Welton News, and John Tribe [the immediate past webmaster] and Don Baker volunteered, later joined by Mike Finney and William Dawson from William Farr School-forming a steering committee..

They looked at various other village sites and went from there. The Parish
Council paid for the site name, they charged businesses £50 to be on it
and made a profit for the Parish Council!

I think this was a disgraceful con-trick! There is now no charge...

The site was created under the guidance and support of a technologist, John Tribe, who is also a local inhabitant, and now being maintained by Steve Sanford.

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A note about being webmaster:

I attended a meeting requested by Peter Harrold and John Tribe, who had done sterling work instigating and designing the layout, content [largely nicked, out of enthusiasm], from The Welton News.

At the next "committee" meeting, neither Peter Harrold nor John Tribe attended, due to lack of time and other more pressing business constraints.

Mike Hubbert wrote two valuable articles for "The History of Welton" and attended no more. Ian Turvey demanded a meeting "to lay down the ground rules"-but failed to attand without explanation... The Parish Council have no right to censor or veto this site: it is designed for the villagers, and anyone can send in their "two pennorth"
Robinson did a lot of valuable research and updating for the "Business section", and attended no more.


Peter Harrold had failed to pay the web hosting company for eighteen months, hoping the Parish Council would pay. They refused, largely because they wanted to setup their own official website, over which they would have total control. I volunteered to run,this for them, with their total control over input, content, style and control: this offer was refused. I suspect they want their overstretched secretary to run their website in addition to herother duties. Their official website still has not msaterialised. It takes about 30 minutes to set up a website!
Coun Turvey requested a meeting with me and failed to attend. He wanted to dictate the "terms of refgerence"


I myself have paid the arrears and now pay the monthly fees myself.
I request everybody and anybody to send in photogrsaphs, articles and contributions-nooone has, except xxxxxxx who contributed his collection of Old Welton photographs.
I have received critical emails critisising my "Cars for Sale" and "Value Computers for Sale" sections

I have received anonymous critical emails [largely I suspect, from members of The Parish Counci]l who take the strategy "Ignore it and it'll go away..."
I have stated that if the graffitti shown is correctly removed, I will remove the picture and article.
I have stated that if The Parish Council arrange emptying of the Sportsd and Social Club disgrace of a bin, that picture and article will be removed.
I have stated that if The Parish Council arrange enough dog bins, emtied regularly as required, those picturs will be removed.

Even after two years since I requested action, NO ACTION HAS BEEN TAKEN.