The A46 Grimsby/Welton Junction-regularly littered with wreckage!

There seems no valid good reason to give right-turning traffic priority: it is strange and unconventional layout, which confuses everybody.
Right turning traffic from Dunholme is clearly visible and well-warned from the top of the hill 1/4 mile away.

1-There should be a standard white illuminated bollard, with a flashing blue light on top, not the cheap erzatz third world substitute.
This is invisible from Dunholme direction, masked by emerging cars.
WLDC and Highways says it will stay because Welton's yobs run it over in 4x4s.
Safety should not play second fiddle to modest investment in road safety.

2-A white sight screen would eliminate the confusing distracting background of the garage trader.

3-The road markings are old and worn, invisible at night.


4-The cheap substitute bollard is four yards back from the "T", and invisible side on from both directions on the main road..

Both Nettleham and Dunholme junctions have large wide illuminated bollards; why is Welton PC inactive in pushing Welton's needs from poll tax revenue???


  This junction is the busy main route into Welton. I would hope that this filling station could be smartened up and reopened perhaps as a Shell petrol filling station so we can get Optimax locally, rather than cars and vans encroaching onto the roadverge sightlines