The boundaries of the Playing Field.


West Lindsey District Council and Welton Parish Council seem to have totally neglected the boundaries and their maintainance.



This picture shows the corner of the playing fields with the approach road from Ryland Road:

The householders have to put up with intruders over three indistinct boundaries, neglected over the years. Children and intruders throw bricks at the Conker tree, break down fencing and cause nuisance.

The first is a row of neglected broken concrete posts, broken barbed wire and fencewire..

The second is another row of broken down concrete posts

The third is a row of established leylandii trees

The forth is a concrete and lattice lap fencing erected by each householder...


In between are various obstructions to intruders from the Playing fields-camouflage netting, barbed wire, broken cut down trees and saplings, with stones, bricks and boulders for the intruders to smash their way in.


The obvious boundary is the fencing closest to the centre of the playing field; the WLCC and Welton PC should erect 10' high fencing to education specification on this "outside" line, all around the Playing Field, which. I understand, does not belong to WPC-it was willed to the Village Hall, and WPC only administer this facility.



Councillor David Phillips experienced problems from rowdy boastful drunks outside his property, failed in his bid to outlaw drinking in public space, and has erected a superb fence, blending well into the hedgerows, and WLDC and WPC should follow his example and improve the remaining boundaries and take control: the streamside hedge was mutilated beyond hope by the Rivers Authority without agreement from the long-suffering householders bounding this playing area.